The Mismatched Season 2 Ending Explained. The Career of Dimple was at Risk?

Mismatched is a romantic story that captured people’s hearts. The story is an adaptation of a novel titled When Dimple met Rishi, composed by Sandhya Menon. Mismatched is a love story about Dimple, who is a nerd, a 17-year-old who is averse to makeup and is fixated on her goals, and Rishi, an unrequited romantic 18-year-old who is a fervent Bollywood romantic. Things become complex as Rishi and Dimple are unable to comprehend each other. Akarsh Khurana and Nipun Dharmadhikari produce the show. Ronnie Screwvala produced it. The second season of Mismatched premiered on September 2. 2 of Mismatched was released on Netflix in October 2022 on October 14, 2022, at 12.30. The second season has eight episodes that run 36 to 41 minutes each. The first season of Mismatched 1 of Mismatched included six episodes.

The major highlight of Mismatched was the soundtrack as well as the music. Songs such as Kahaan Ho Tum or Aise Kyun captured people’s hearts. The reactions of viewers to the show were never the same. Although the music and cast were lauded, viewers were critical of the direction and script. The show has an average rating of 5.5 rating in IMDb, with 71% of viewers liking this show via Google.

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Episode 1 from Mismatched begins with Rishi looking for his potential wife, and when he finally finds her, he gets hit with cold coffee over his skin by Dimple. Dimple is unaware of the possibility that her mom has been arranging her with Rishi via a matrimonial group chat on WhatsApp and is brought to Jaipur, convinced that the woman she loves has realized her love of coding. Then, she apologizes to Rishi for how she behaved towards him as well as in the name of her mom. Dimple is assigned to Harsh for the assignment assigned. The classmates who are bullies to Dimple learn that Rishi’s mother has divorced. She owns the house in which they both ate dinner. Dimple is angry because Rishi claims to have a perfect life and a perfect family.

Anger-stricken, Namrata takes on Anmol in a League Of Legends championship and decides to drop her app concepts in the event of losing. Rishi has told Dimple that Namrata is in love with Celina. Dimple thinks Celina is an erroneous lesbian, and when she discovers that she is with a man, she reveals the same thing, which makes her confuses Celina. Celina learns about Namrata being an openly gay woman and has affection for her. Celina was nervous about Simran sharing her story of being a delivery girl with everyone. Celina vents her frustration towards Namrata before the entire college, and it embarrasses Namrata.

Namrata faces Rishi and declares her anger at Rishi for sinning against her confidence. On the other hand, In the League Of Legends, Dimple beats Anmol. Dimple later learns about AntiSosh’s app’s code which was published. Another company has announced that they were launching their application Unsocial using her code. Only Rishi was able to access her codes, making her feel guilty for this same issue. Rishi tried to convince her that she shouldn’t have revealed Celina Namrata’s feelings, but he could see that she was only concerned with her application. They both decide to split their relationship. Rishi is seen packing his bags and departing the hostel. Dimple began crying and was heading to her bedroom when Harsh intervened and comforted her. The first season ended with Dimple kissing Harsh, which was a hit with the audience.

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Harsh and Dimple were kissing at the conclusion of season 1. Season 2 picked up its story right from the beginning. The following morning, Dimple was seen regretting the kiss she had initiated. Harsh soothed her by explaining that denial is the first step in the grievance. A sweet and genuine relationship was evident in the relationship between Harsh as well as Dimple. Dimple tried contacting the company’s chief that launched Unsocial, but it was not helpful. Siddharth recommends she put aside the old application and start thinking of innovative ideas for apps. Rishi is seen preparing the 70th birthday celebration of her grandma. Birthday celebration when her mother announces she’s getting married.

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Sanskruti is an intern for RanveerRishi’s mother’s fiancé is seen to be enjoying a great relationship with Rishi. Harsh has been supporting Dimple throughout. The singer also sang Bigad Jaye as Dimple was suffering from an anxiety attack. Dimple begins to date Harsh, and on the other hand, Rishi begins to date Sanskruti. This story about Zeenat and Siddharth is equally enjoyable to watch. Their chemistry onscreen is impressive. It would have been nice to see more of their storyline during the 2nd season. Namrata finds the love of her life in Ayesha. Celina is insecure about her sexuality and believes she’s attracted to Namrata.

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