20 Exciting Mind Fuck Movies On Netflix

For the first time, man-made moving images were feasible and then transformed into an art form through which man began to express his thoughts and emotions as well as create stories. It was the closest thing we have come to trying to imitate life. There was no other art form that the time of movies could have come so close to us as films were made possible. But, we didn’t stop there and continued experimenting with the style, which allowed movies to develop a language all their own and grow into an art form that is on the same level as painting, music, and storytelling – art forms that have been in existence for many centuries.

What we tried to achieve was to go beyond replicating the world to provide a glimpse of what might happen in the near future. We also tried to challenge the reality we perceive and provide our own version of reality. Filmmakers have been exploring these concepts in the early days of cinema, beginning in the form of Fritz Lang’s “Metropolis” (1927). In the film, Lang tried to present an image of a dystopic society in which people are separated into two distinct groups: the powerful and the wealthy, who live in a stunning utopia. Beneath their city, the poor live in harsh and miserable conditions. Lang is a genius, and the film proves his ability to be ahead of his time.

In addition, Georges Melies’ 1902 film ‘A Trip To The Moon also demonstrates how man attempted to imagine a reality in the form of films. To fill your curiosity about these films, we have put together a collection of mind-bending and mind-bending films. This is a list of excellent mind-bending movies available on Netflix that you can watch right now.

20. Extinction (2018)

Produced by Ben Young, this 2018 film features Michael Pena and Lizzy Caplan in the lead roles. Pena portrays a man named Peter who suffers from frightening and terrifying dreams where the people he loves encounter aliens who have invaded earth. In a state of panic, Peter visits a psychiatrist and meets a man with similar visions. A city-wide attack occurs on that very same day, and a series of events occur, making us beg the question of what we’ve seen for many years. Peter uncovers some of his secrets, which were completely unexpected at the film’s beginning. “Extinction” has some great performances and a stunning surprise at the end, however, it’s been criticized for its formulaic approach.

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19. Cloverfield Paradox (2018) Cloverfield Paradox (2018)

Following the success of ‘Cloverfield’ (2008) as well as ’10’ Cloverfield Lane (2016), ‘The Cloverfield Paradox is the newest installment of the series. This time, the issue has changed from aliens invading Earth to a huge energy crisis that is affecting Earth. Scientists have concluded that they could make use of a particle reactor to generate endless amounts of energy. Still, they also run the chance of opening portals to another world, making us vulnerable to a potentially hazardous parallel universe. Although the film hasn’t received a favorable review, its connection with the Cloverfield universe is a must-see for fans of mind-bending films.

18. The Busters Mal Heart (2017)

Academy Award winner Rami Malek played the lead role in this film in 2016, which was screened at the Toronto Film Festival. Buster is an individual who has lived in the mountains completely by himself. However, as winter began to set in, he began breaking into houses to protect himself from freezing cold. This made Buster a target for authorities. Buster is also regularly connected to radio shows and informs his listeners about an Inversion as the millennium approaches. Buster is also prone to visions in which his body is viewed as if it’s on top of a mountain and, at times, lost in the sea. As the story develops, the deeper meaning behind these visions is revealed, and we learn precisely what Buster is discussing.

17. Mirage (2018)

“Mirage” premieres in 1989 amid a 72-hour electrical storm. A child, Nivo, witnesses his neighbor’s death at the husband’s hands. Furious, he runs into the road, where the car pounces on him and kills Nivo immediately. Twenty-five years later, Vera Roy and David Ortiz move into the same home and discover an old television set as well as videos and cassettes. As they go through a few cassettes, Vera finds the footage made by Nico and starts watching it while a similar electrical storm rages upon the town. When she learns about the way Nico passed away, Vera discovers that she is able to communicate with him via the tape and is able to save his life. But, this leads to a glitch in the space-time continuum, which changes her entire reality. Since her husband is now with a new woman, and her baby not being was born, Vera seeks out ways to make things right as the film builds to a shocking final scene.

16. The Discovery (2017)

Does there exist an afterlife? It seems that Thomas, the character who is played in the film by Robert Redford in this 2017 film, believes in it and has been able to prove it scientifically fact. The rate of suicide increases when people realize they can live a more fulfilling life after they pass away. While he is away, Will, his son Will is reunited with a girl called Isla on a boat, and they go to his father’s lab to inform him of the potential dangers that his discovery could be causing. They discover yet another invention created by their father. Will constantly sees images of a young boy on the beach and is talking to Isla. His father’s machine aids him in recognizing that he’s in a loop, and it is imperative to break out. The film is filled with great performances by Rooney Mara, Robert Redford, and Jason Segel.

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15. IO (2019)

This film is a glimpse of what might be the next-to-be-future of the planet over the next few years. It is a warning signal over anything else. It is a warning of a dystopic future where the Earth is so toxic that humanity has colonized Io, a moon part of Jupiter. A girl named Sam is one of the few remaining on Earth and is able to meet another human being, Micah, who tries to convince her to go to Io in the near future. In the meantime, her boyfriend has joined an attempt to find a planet suitable for human life. This film’s question is vital: in the current era of massive industrialization, When will the Earth eventually become unbearable? What should we do in the event of such a scenario?

14. IBoy (2017)

The film was released on Netflix. The cyberpunk thriller starring Maisie Williams, who is of ‘Game Of Thrones fame. She plays the role of Lucy, and her friend Tom Harvey gets hit with shrapnel that he stole from his phone and learns that he is now able to see digital signals. Lucy is brutally raped at her home, which forces Tom to utilize his powers to bring the criminals to justice. This is a unique story of a superhero of a distinct kind. Tom is able to see digital signals and has an advantage over all others since the world operates by digital information. The movie, while it is a horror film, can be seen as an analogy for the fact that the person who has control of digital data is our master.

13. Time Trap (2017)

A search for a missing person leads an archaeology professor from remote Texas to take his students to an eerie cave where time flows differently. “Time Trap” is an indie sci-fi movie that features all the standard clichés of time travel, Cavemen hostile to aliens combined in a clever, whip-smart plot that only stumbles toward the end, where it seems a little forced. Mark Dennis and Ben Foster are directing and producing the film, which features an ensemble of talented actors. The cinematography and script are very basic but not bad either. Overall, the film was met with mixed reviews from the critics and the audience.

12. Cloud Atlas (2012)

‘ Cloud Atlas is an epic that spans multiple generations. It tells interconnected and interconnected tales of six people over their long lives, from the memoirs of a slave trader written in 1849 to a composer’s love letters to his wife during the 1930s to a crime reporter’s account of corruption at the nuclear power plant of the 1970s and the escape of a book publisher from an old-age house that was occupied by a human clone in the year 2012 revolt against oppressive power at the turn of 2144 and a shrewd tribesman’s triumph over fear in 2300s.

Everything is linked by a kind gesture or criminal act. The film attempts to bring to the forefront that our actions have the power to influence the lives of others regardless of distance, even decades of existence. A deeply layered story and concept that is somewhat flat in its execution, despite the fact that the film boasts an impressive ensemble of actors ( Tom Hanks, Halle Berry, Jim Broadbent, Hugh Grant).

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11. “The Guilty” (2021)

The Guilty revolves around LAPD police officer Joe Baylor, who is being investigated for shooting a teen while at work. On the night shift of an emergency call center, Joe eagerly awaits his shift’s conclusion and the next court date, at which point the officer plans to plead guilty. When he is answering different 911 calls, Joe receives a call from an anxious woman named Emily who claims her husband, Henry, has abducted her.

At first, he attempts to find the highway patrol vehicle but fails. After he is able to locate the address of her home, Joe sends officers to the home, where they discover her daughter and the mangled body of her infant child. Furthermore, after breaking into her ex-husband’s home, authorities discover she is in a hospital in a mental health center. The roles shift, the truth becomes clear, and the film offers an enthralling twist after one, making it an absolute must-see.

10. The Shadow Of The Moon (2019) The Shadow Of The Moon (2019)

In 1988 an officer from the police force is on the hunt for the serial killer. They manage to find her but then watch in horror as she is crushed by the subway train. The investigation is concluded when the killer is found dead. But she’s not dead, and she reappears 9 years later, and the murders begin again. The authorities are unable to grasp the absurdity of the murders, just one police officer is near to determining the real story, particularly when she begins to drop hints. “In The Shadow of the Moon The film is a thriller about a crime that will have your mind spinning after you’ve finished, but that’s not necessarily an issue.

9. Horse Girl (2020)

Sarah has a charming woman who is socially awkward and has an affinity for horses and crafts. “Hard Girl” is a film, Horse Girl, a story about Sarah as she becomes increasingly obsessed with her surroundings and has a complete psychological breakdown that is crippling until she cannot discern between the real and what’s not. The surreal psychological drama attempts to immerse viewers in Sarah’s headspace of mental confusion to let viewers feel her as she falls further and further into the downward spiral. Fantastic acting from Allison Brie, who plays Sarah There’s a fragile look in her eyes that threatens to fall apart as the story advances.

8. Anon (2018)

In the future, even the private memories of individuals aren’t truly private because every memory is documented, and criminal activity is nearly impossible to find. The fact that there is a young woman without a name, no identification, and no digital record is a bad sign for the police since she hints at the return of the crime they have been so meticulously preventing. “Anon” may be more of a glimpse into the future, rather than imagining someone else’s as the generation of today captures every little aspect of our lives on the internet. Are we headed towards a future where the memories we have of our lives are recorded and viewed by other people? Who knows?

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7. Lucid Dream (2017)

A father who is desperate to find his son who has disappeared has exhausted nearly every avenue over the 3 years that have passed since his son was taken away. He eventually discovers the technique of lucid dreaming that allows him to visualize the exact moment at which his son was kidnapped and locate him, and all the while, he is asleep. “Lucid Dream” is a thrilling South Korean sci-fi mystery-thriller that has its flaws, but it isn’t without merits. It mostly keeps the speed of motion, but it is a little off at times when it becomes too emotional for its genre.

6. “The Call (2020)

“The Call” revolves around the city dweller Kim Seo-Yeon who is lost with her cell phone as she travels to the village to visit her mother in the year 2019. After arriving in their shabby village home, Kim finds a cordless phone that connects her with an individual in 1999. Oh, Young-sook is a resident of the same home, however, she says that her mother is inflicting torture on her. Finding a chance to rescue her father, who was killed in a house fire in 1999, Kim utilizes Oh to attempt to warn him of the imminent danger.

The strategy works, and Kim discovers both parents alive and her home in good order. While on the phone, Kim finds out how Oh is killed and warns her, leading to Oh murdering her mother and turning into an infamous serial murderer. Incredibly, regardless of how the girls attempt to make things right by resolving their past issues, the process eventually impacts the future in a negative way. But what makes this film so compelling is the way it forces the viewers to rack their heads over the pair’s next move and then delivers the ultimate twist to shock the mind of anyone who watches.

5. Run (2020)

“Run” begins in a hospital where we see Diane Sherman give birth to her daughter, who appears to be suffering from several ailments. For the next 17 years, Diane’s daughter has had premature issues due to her birth and is forced to move around using a wheelchair. When she is exploring the house, Chloe, the child Chloe discovers an empty bottle of green pills with the label removed.

When she asks to go to the cinema, Chloe slips away and goes to the pharmacy and is told that the pills were intended for dogs and, if consumed by humans, could cause numbness to their legs. But, her mother arrives, and we see her keeping Chloe on medication and in prison 24 hours a day. Chloe is also aware that she’s a prisoner and is determined to escape from the prison. The film does a stunning job of creating suspense and tension by making the viewers think about the reality they are experiencing.

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4. Freaks (2018)

Being raised living in an apartment and ruled by her shrewd father, seven-year-old Chloe has a profound fascination and a terrifying fear of the world. When she is able to escape her eccentric father, an elusive and potentially dangerous stranger is willing to guide her through the world. “Freaks” is basically “Room is ‘X-Men,’ and ‘Room’ in that Chloe is a mutant with superpowers she employs to find her way through an uncharted and terrifying situation. This horror thriller will leave you on your toes for the duration.

3. Happy As Lazzaro (2018)

“Happy As Lazzaro” can be described as an Italian mind-bending film that tells the incredible and inexplicably compelling tale of Lazzaro, an amiable and humble young peasant who aids his nobleman pal Tancredi in pretending to be the kidnapper to fool his mother. The two boys become friends while they race through the woods, thinking that they might be half-brothers.

When the police arrive to remove the illegally-run tobacco estate, the two boys are separated, and Lazarro is thrown off the top edge of a rock. Amazingly, he does not pass away and wakes up several years later and has not changed in any way. The storyline of the film becomes pleasantly strange as Lazarro attempts to locate his former friend Tancredi. “Happy As Lazzaro” clearly exposes the difference in class between the wealthy and the poor and the ways in which one is a victim of the other.

2. Fractured (2019)

“Fractured” follows the couples, Ray and Joanne, along with their daughter Perri after returning from their Thanksgiving dinner. Ray and Joanne’s relationship appears to be in trouble, and they keep arguing before they decide to visit an area store to purchase batteries. In the store, a dog terrorizes Perri, and she is thrown into a nearby construction pit. Although the injuries appear not to be severe, Joanne insists that they need to have her examined in the hospital.

After being admitted to the hospital, Perri and Joanne head off to examine while Ray is waiting. The time passes, and after no contact from his family members, Ray arrives at the front desk and demands an answer. The hospital, however, says it has not provided such services and, as it turns out, the evidence of his family is absent from the medical records. Afraid, Ray involves the police and is even suspected of organ trafficking rings, but in vain. In a way, the film can change the audience’s mind, the film creates tension before offering the twist that will make people think long after the credits have ended.

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1. Oxygen (2021)

“Oxygen” centers on Elizabeth Hansen, who awakens in a sealed cryogenic chamber in which oxygen levels are rapidly declining. To survive and survive, she finds her name from an AI before calling her spouse Leo Ferguson. When she calls Leo, an individual up the phone. When Elizabeth states that she is Leo’s wife, the woman confused, quits the call. Bewildered, Elizabeth tries the number once more, but this time, she is informed by the woman that earth is affected by a dangerous virus that may even have killed her husband of her.

Additionally, Elizabeth also manages to obtain the master code of the pod however, it does not let her escape from a space that is gravity-free. As Elizabeth’s fate becomes clearer, the film is a masterful job at creating suspense by creating confusion fascinatingly, with each turn, viewers are left to wonder whether things are as it appears.

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