Mickey Shunick Murder Mystery | Who Killed Her?

In May 2012, Mickey Shunick, a young student, mysteriously disappeared. She was returning home from a place where a friend was. In the following days, the authorities found out about her brutal murder of her.

The incident is highlighted in the podcast of Dateline NBC, “After the Verdict Missing Mickey. Investigators employed surveillance footage and continued to follow up on key clues to ultimately find the perpetrator. We’ve covered you if you’re interested in learning more about the case.

How Did Mickey Shunick Die?

Michaela “Mickey” Shunick was born to Tom Shunick and Nancy Rowe. The 22-year-old was a senior Anthropology student at the University of Louisiana in Lafayette. Many loved ones have described her as a special and good kid who loves animals. At the moment of the incident, Mickey was staying at Brett Wilson’s home. They had been out for the night and returned to her house.

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At around 2 am on May 19, 2012. Mickey was cycling back home to home. Being a frequent cyclist, it was not unusual to see her do this; however, her sudden disappearance in the process of returning was. Mickey’s bicycle was discovered just a few days later, beneath a bridge close to the Atchafalaya River in Louisiana. Additional details led the police to the victim’s decayed body on August 7, 2012. She was stabbed several times before being hit in her head. Mickey was buried in a heavily forest-covered area near Evangeline Parish, Louisiana cemetery.

Who Killed Mickey Shunick?

The authorities searched for surveillance videos in the area and verified the fact that Mickey left her house with her friend at around 2 am that day. The video also revealed the white pickup truck which was seen following her. This eventually led to the suspect, Brandon Scott Lavergne. Police had received information from the father of his girlfriend’s May 31, 2012, concerning his suspicious behavior at his disappearance.

A couple of days later, police discovered that Brandon’s vehicle was discovered burning in Texas. Then, he purchased the exact same car for replacement. Brandon was a sex offender registered in Texas, living just 30 miles from the location of Mickey’s abduction. In the following investigation, Brandon revealed what had happened the night before. He was on the road in search of escort services when he spotted Mickey and determined that he would follow her.

The bike’s condition at the time it was found was a sign that it was hit by a vehicle. The moment it was discovered, Brandon urged Mickey to climb into his vehicle. He attacked her with his knife after she attempted to reach him for assistance. Mickey was able to spray Brandon with mace. He could fight back, pulling the knife away and stabbing him several times. Finally, Brandon got control of the blade and stabbed Mickey at least four times, causing her to fall to the ground.

In the belief in the belief that Mickey wasn’t dead, Brandon drove deep into the sugar cane field and planned for the drag of the corpse to the field. But Mickey then jumped up and attacked Brandon in the chest. Then Brandon fired Mickey on the forehead using an automatic weapon, killing her immediately. Then, Brandon drove back home with her body lying in the car seat. He took care of his wounds, disposed of the clothing and shell casing, attempted to wash the car, and then drove to a graveyard located in Evangeline Parish.

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Brandon’s injuries meant Brandon was unable to dig the grave. He wrapped Mickey’s body in branches and debris. Then, Brandon dumped the bike and weapons before going to a friend’s house. He was treated for his injuries. He initially believed that an incident at a gas station caused them. Brandon returned to the burial site the next day and buried the body.

Brandon was also convicted of murdering Lisa Pate in 1999. According to reports, they were in a hotel for several days before he refused to allow her to go out to meet her children. Brandon was eventually able to beat her and then confessed to an inmate that he had killed the woman with an empty plastic bag on her head. When Lisa’s body was found in the month of September 1999, there was evidence of a plastic bag securing her skull. Then, in August of 2012, Brandon admitted guilt to murdering two women. He received a life sentence in prison, with no possibility of parole.

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