Mi Fortuna Es Amarte Cast | Who Are The Cast Of Mi Fortuna Es Amarte?

Mi Fortuna Es Amarte Cast is what the majority of people want to know about. This telenovela has won the hearts of many scrolls. Read the following article for details of Mi Fortuna Es Amarte Cast and the characters. Find the article to get the complete information.

Mi Fortuna Es Amarte

Mi Fortuna Es Amarte, translated to English title”My Love is My Fortune, ” is a Mexican Telenovela that aired in Las Estrellas from November 8, 2021, until March 13, 2022. Nicandro Daz Gonzalez is the show’s producer. It’s an adaptation Luis Felipe Salamanca’s Colombian telenovela La quiero a morir. Susana Gonzalez, as well as David Zepeda star in the film. The film unfolds around Natalia and Vicente, who have to be together due to their life circumstances.

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Mi Fortuna Es Amarte Cast

Check out the complete list of the actors below.

Cast Characters

Susana Gonzalez Natalia Robles Garcia

David Zepeda Vicente “Chente” Ramirez Perez

Sergio Sendel Adrian Cantu Garza

Chantal Andere Constanza Robles Garcia

Omar Fierro Elias Haddad Nassar

Luis Felipe Tovar Gustavo “Tavo” Martinez Sanchez

Carlos de la Mota Mario Rivas Acosta

Michelle Gonzalez Olga Pascual Chavez

Ana Bertha Espin Teresa Garcia Jimenez

Lisset Samia Karam Mansour

Luz Elena Gonzalez Soledad “Chole” Pascual Gama

Michelle Vieth Fernanda Diez Acuna

Dayren Chavez Valentina Cruz Lopez

Ricardo Silva Claudio Sevilla Leon

Eduardo Linan Carlos Zuno

Ximena Cordoba Tania Rivas Acosta

Denia Agalianou Veronica Alanis Gomez

Marcos Montero William

Ricardo Franco Felix

Said P Sinba

Carlos Mosmo Donovan

Fernanda Urdapilleta Andrea Cantu Robles

Rodrigo Brand Omar Haddad Karam

Ramses Aleman Juan Gabriel “Juanga” Ramirez Perez

Daniela Martinez Caballero Regina Cantu Robles

Andres Vazquez Jose Jose “Pepe Pepe” Ramirez Perez

Andre Sebastian Gonzalez Benjamin Ramirez Nieto

Carmen Salinas Margarita “Magos” Dominguez Negrete

Maria Rojo Margarita “Magos” Dominguez Negrete

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Main Cast Of Mi Fortuna Es Amarte

1. Susana Gonzalez as Natalia Robles Garcia

Susana Alejandra Gonzalez del Ro is a Mexican model and actress. She was born Susana Alejandra Gonzalez del Ro. Gonzalez was born in Calera de Victor Rosales in Zacatecas, Mexico, on October 2, 1973. Refugio Gonzalez, and Elvira Del Ro, her parents, as well as a younger brother named Jose and a younger sister named Erika. Gonzalez has dreamed of becoming an actor from the time she was a kid. After winning a beauty competition in her town, she was permitted to study the art of acting in Mexico City.

2. David Zepeda as Vicente “Chente” Ramirez Perez

On 19 September 1973 David Zepeda Quintero was born as David Anastasio Zepeda Quintero. He is a model, singer and performer from Mexico. He is known for his performances in soaps Acorralada, Abismo de passion, and Por Amar sin ley. This year, Zepeda is set to make his Telemundo debut as Jose Luis Navarrete in the soap opera La Doa which will debut in January 2020.

3. Sergio Sendel as Adrian Cantu Garza

Sergio Sendel Santaella (November 4, 1966) is an actor from Mexican actor, best famous for his roles as villains in Telenovelas. In his role-playing, Aaron Montalvo Iturbe in Destilando Amor, He was awarded the TVyNovelas award for the Best Male Antagonist in 2008. Sendel is scheduled to return to acting by May 2020, as per Telemundo.

4. Chantal Andere as Constanza Robles Garcia

Chantal Andere (born Jacqueline Chantal Fernandez Andere on January 25, 1972) is a Mexican actor and singer popular as a telenovela actress as the vamp, villain and bitter lady. 2. She appears to be a professional actress (“Toda unprofessional”).

5. Omar Fierro as Elias Haddad Nassar

Omar Fierro was born on October 10, 1963. Omar Fierro is a Mexican TV host and actor. He has appeared in a variety of Mexican and international soap operas, television shows and films like Cada Maana, A Ganar con Omar along with The Mexican versions of Jeopardy! in Latin American countries such as Argentina, his name is very well-known. He is currently hosting his own Mexican program Quien Tiene Estrella every Sunday. However, his time each week living with his family with his spouse living in El Paso, Texas. He is a faithful adherent of Christ.

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6. Luis Felipe Tovar as Gustavo “Tavo” Martinez Sanchez

Luis Felipe Tovar is a Mexican actor and performance instructor Born on December 1, 1959. He was born in Puebla. He attended Mexico’s Theater Fine Arts School and Cuba’s Escuela Internacional de Cine y Television de La Habana. He has been awarded three times the Ariel Award three times: in 1993 for Principio and Fin, the year 1995 for El Callejon of the Milagros and in 1997 for Sin Remitente. He left his school of performances in 2003 to open the Muxe bar that caters to primary homosexuals. Timoteo has been his son, and Maria Fernanda is his daughter. He played a part in the Telenovela Por Ti.

7. Carlos de la Mota as Mario Rivas Acosta

Carlos de la Mota is an entertainer, architect and singer born on October 19, 1974, in Concepcion de la Vega, Dominican Republic. His acting career started in 2003 when he received the attention of critics for his performance as Britishman James O’Brian in the Telenovela Destilando Amor.

8. Ana Bertha Espin as Teresa Garcia Jimenez

Ana Bertha Espn Ocampo (born on October 13, 1958, in Tehuixtla, Morelos) is a Mexican theatre, television and film actress who is most well-known for her role as Lorena Rivers, a character from the comedy show Vecinos.

9.) Lisaset in the role of Samia Karam Mansour

Lisset Gutierrez Salazar, also called Lisset, is a Mexican performer and actress born on November 3, 1973.

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