All Mary Kate And Ashley Movies On Hulu

In the latter half of the 1990s, The Olsen twins were among the most popular child actors around, appearing in well popular films like It Takes Two, Billboard Dad, Passport to Paris, and Switching Goals, as well as many direct-to-video films. They also had plenty of work on television and landed starring roles on famous T.V. shows such as So Little Time, Two of a Kind, and the animated show Mary-Kate as well as Ashley on Action!

With their extensive list of acting credits and the fact that they owned entertainment company Dualstar, It’s not surprising they were the Olsen Twins, some of the richest young stars of their time.

Olsen Twins‘ absence from mainstream film and television. Olsen Twins’ absence from mainstream television and film for a number of years, as well as the official end of their acting career in 2012, has made many Olsen fans nostalgic, specifically regarding their earlier work. Thankfully streaming service Hulu has taken on the challenge of bringing back a handful of Ashley and Mary-Kate’s most popular films so that their fans who are devoted can recall their best times every time.

There aren’t many movies, and certainly not the entire back catalog. However, these three favorite films are certainly worth revisiting for a nostalgic viewing. Let’s have a glance at all three of Olsen Twin’s films that will be released on Hulu beginning May 1.

3. Billboard Dad

In this classic from 1998, Ashley and Mary-Kate star as surfers Emily Tyler and her high-diver twin sister Tess and Tess, respectively. It is set in Los Angeles, California. The film follows the two girls searching for their father, who has died, to find a new girlfriend. To accomplish this, they join forces with their pal Cody to design a huge advertising billboard hanging above Sunset Boulevard for everyone to view (hence the name of the movie).

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It’s not surprising that this billboard catches the eye of numerous women in the city who respond to the twins’ calls by writing letters to their father, Max, a gifted artist. In the event of chance, Max decides to answer a woman’s letter. That’s the point at which the whole action begins. The twins encounter an array of interesting characters like the woman’s best friend, who might be a better match for Max, her grouchy son, and Max’s insidious business manager.

Although it’s not a huge hit with critics, the film is enjoyable to enjoy with plenty of laughter and a hilarious interplay between its characters. It’s also family-friendly and has received a “Family-Approved” rating from the Dove Foundation.

2. Passport To Paris

The film was released only one year after the title above. It follows another pair of twins, Melanie and Allyson Porter, who travel to Paris to enjoy the Spring Break vacation. Their parents hope their daughters will be able to expand their perspectives on life through time with their Grandpa Edward, the United States ambassador to France.

Although the girls were hoping to have a thrilling adventure with continuous action, they were disappointed when they learned that their Grandpa placed them under the hands of his strict secretary Jeremy who adheres to strict guidelines that include just taking them to restaurants and museums instead of going out and about as they’d like. And to make matters even more difficult, Melanie and Allyson must follow strict guidelines while living in their grandfather’s mansion, which include not getting up on the bed or playing with the no loud music – and what girl wouldn’t want that on Spring Break?

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The way they live does not make the girls happy, who is soon off on their own journey in what turns out to be the adventure of a lifetime, where they meet an attractive French model and catch the attention of two adorable French boys and then take in all the sounds and sights of the magnificent city of Paris.

The film managed to enjoy a greater reception than The Billboard Dad and is a thrilling ride that all Olsen twins lovers who are nostalgic can take pleasure in regardless of their age.

1. Switching Goals

It was released just one month after The Passport to Paris. The film is about a different set of identical twins. This shouldn’t be too surprising. Since twins playing is essentially the Olsen twins’ way of life! This film is focused on the Stanton sisters and their distinct personalities from each other. Sam is a teen and an accomplished soccer player. Emma is extremely feminine and loves fashion. However, Emma wishes that she could be as athletic as her sister. (The 90s were definitely a favorite for playing with the sports vs. girly stereotypes of girls.)

The youth soccer league is in full swing. The girls’ dad, Jerry, is the coach for the Hurricanes co-ed team. He selects Emma to be on the team because of pressure from his wife as well as the girls’ mom, Denise. To Jerry’s disappointment, his choice of Emma led a team from a different team, the Buzzards, to pick Sam.

Jerry isn’t the only one unhappy with the outcome. It is true that even as Sam is devastated to be part of a team that is weaker, Emma finds life incredibly difficult because she is under constant pressure from her father. This is why girls swap places to improve their lives as Sam becomes more comfortable sharing the spotlight with other girls while Emma has the opportunity to connect with her father more than before.

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Although the storyline might seem quite cheesy, it’s an adorable and charming film that certainly attracted movie-goers’ attention, who later became fans of the Olsen twins. It also stimulated the interest that led Hulu to take the idea of offering the three films mentioned above to its many subscribers in the present. Who doesn’t like watching a good movie about twins at least once in a while?

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