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Martin Lawrence has starred in many big comedy successes throughout his career, including the “Bad Boys, “Bad Boys” franchise, “Big Momma’s House,” and “Blue Streak.” While they all had plenty of laughs, all of his films were huge box office successes. One of his comedy films that are arguably the least rated film is “Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins,” which debuted in 2008. As per California Sunday Magazine, director-writer Malcolm D. Lee blames the film’s poor box office performance on the title.

“Roscoe Jenkins” may not be a box-office success in 2008, however, it was a film that people have watched repeatedly on both DVD and cable. It’s now being watched again by viewers on Netflix, which is at the moment #4 in the service’s Daily Top 10 movies chart and 7 overall. Netflix customers are enjoying the film’s slapstick comedy and impressive ensemble actors.

“Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins” is the story of the main character, a popular talk show host, who left behind his parents and the tiny Southern town he came from during his journey. He’s referred to as the name Dr. R.J. Stephens instead of his more traditional name, despite not being a medical professional. He’s got a wife, Bianca Kittles (Joy Bryant), and an ex- “Survivor” winner who’s just as gorgeous as she is competitive.

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He drives Bianca home to see his family and returns to his home first in 9 years. Old resentments he has against his family instantly spring to the forefront, and he is constantly abused in his fights against his dad, his siblings, and even his cousins. However, eventually, with the aid of his son, who is proud to be a Jenkins, He remembers what he is true.

“Welcome Home” Roscoe Jenkins is extremely replayable.

Martin Lawrence leads a stacked ensemble cast, which features Mike Epps as Roscoe’s scheming cousin Reggie, Cedric the Entertainer as his friend and rival Clyde, who’s in love with his ex-wife Lucinda (Nicole Ari Parker), Mo’Nique as Roscoe’s aggressive sister Betty and The tragic Michael Clarke Duncan as his tough brother Otis and the famous James Earl Jones as his father, Roscoe Sr.

The Twitter users who love comedy are excited to watch “Roscoe Jenkins” again. “‘Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins’ is the funniest. I did watch that movie twice since it has been on Netflix & guess we? I bout watch em again now,” tweeted @__marab.

“Did anybody watches Welcome Home, Roscoe Jenkins, in the theater? Cause this s– is underrated,” @Nosakhare tweeted. “Like I gladly enjoy this s– now as opposed to 2008. The whole cast was funny as f–! Every rewatching still got me dying.”

If you ask people who haven’t seen the film, it’s not only hilarious because of nostalgic memories. “It’s my 1st time watching welcome home Roscoe Jenkins, and I’m crying,” @trickyWayy tweeted.

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They’re not making them as they did before, according to @StoneyHustle2Gz. “Need more movies like Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins,” said the Twitter user.

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