Mama O’s Kimchi Shark Tank News?

Netflix’s “Bling Empire” is a reality series that focuses on the richest East Asians and South East Asians living in Los Angeles, California. The series allows viewers to see the lives of the wealthy and famous cast members and their struggles. It is not surprising that drama often finds them in the same way, especially when it involves matters of the heart.

Season 3’s finale features the romance between Kevin Kreider, a fan favorite, and Devon Diep, his ex-fiancée. Fans are curious to know if Devon and Kevin are still together, considering the many emotions he evoked. Here are all the facts we have on the subject.

Kevin Kreider and Devon Diep’s Journey Together

The romantic life of Kevin Kreider was a major focus of the first three seasons of the series. Although Kelly was already in a relationship, Kevin initially wanted to date Kelly Mi Li. Kelly was happy to be single when he made his move. Kelly’s past with Andrew Gray, and other factors, shattered Kevin’s hopes. After much drama, Kevin and Kim Lee began a relationship. However, they decided to remain friends.

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The tension between them was high despite his ending his romance with Kim. Kevin was furious when Kim invited Lewis Tan, her friend, to Kane Lim’s listing party. He believed she had lied about wanting to date him. Kevin was not happy with his relationship and traveled to Paris, France, to meet Christine Chiu. He confided to Christine that he was tired of following others. He also confessed to Christine that he was looking back at the past and wondering if there was a key to his heart in those times.

Kevin told Christine about Devon Diep, who was his ex-girlfriend when he lived on the East Coast. Although the relationship was good, it ended on bad terms. Kevin said that his behavior was the main reason he broke up with Devon Diep, his ex-girlfriend from when he was still living on the East Coast. Kevin had been supposed to move to Los Angeles with Devon, but he was forced to do so on his own after the breakup. Christine couldn’t help but be amazed at the vulnerable side of Kevin as he wondered if Devon was his one.

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