Top 7 Mafia Movies On Hulu

Hulu’s Mafia movies are a thrilling genre to watch. If you want to stand out, avoid romance and horror genres. These mafia movies are the best for you.

While we try to avoid the criminal world in real life and keep it out of our lives, many people find it entertaining when it is shown on visual platforms. While they don’t support violence in real life, those who watch it enjoy the mafia and police chases of gangsters, as well as other aspects.

Here are some of my favorite Hulu mafia movies. Enjoy the chaos of mafias.   

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Mafia Movies On Hulu

Mafia movies, an entirely new genre, are a delight to the eyes of fans of action and fights. Let’s look at some incredible movies to get an idea of this genre.

1# Walking Tall (1973) | The One Who Cleans Corruption 

Walking Tall is a semi-biographical movie with two sequels in movies and television series. Buford Pusser is the hero of the movie. He takes on the task of eliminating corruption and other criminal elements from the town. He loses his family, and he also risks his life.

The movie has a lot to offer. The movie is full of car chases and action. Buford Pusser has done an outstanding job as the protagonist of the movie.

It has been praised for its lesson in fearlessness. It’s also a classic mafia movie with plenty of violence.

IMDb Ratings 7.0

Producer: Mort Brskin

Directed by: Phil Karlson

The Hunt Is Finally Over!

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2# The Bank Job (2008) | A Simple Man Who Gets Back To Crime 

The Bank Job is a great example of an engaging experience that captures Central London.

This is the story of Terry Leather, a man who was once a criminal. His life is changed when his ex-girlfriend comes back to him. She tries to include him in her plan to rob a bank.

Terry is enticed by the plan and agrees to call his old criminal group to assist him and his girlfriend. Terry is soon involved in a lot of trouble. This movie is a great choice for its fast-paced action and intrinsic plotline.

IMDB Ranking 7.2

Producer: Charles Roven, Steven Chasman

Directed by: Roger Donaldson

3# West Side Story (1961) | A Love Story Between Violence 

The uniqueness of this movie is due to its romantic drama nature, and it is a visualization of Broadway Musical (1957). West Side Story, a musical movie about a love story between Tony and Maria from rival gangs, is quite unique.

The film is set on New York’s Upper West Side. Although the motivation for the rivalry is competition, it becomes worse because of the romantic relationship. It depicts themes such as violence and the pressures that come with a criminal lifestyle. It also features vibrant characters and a combination of darker and musical themes.

IMDb: 7.5

Producer: Robert Wise

Directed by: Robert Wise & Jerome Robbins

4# Red (2010) | A Storm Of Challenges In A Peaceful Life 

Red, an action-comedy film, is heavily inspired by Homage comics. This movie follows the story of a former CIA agent who is attacked by an assassin. The danger increases, and the CIA agent is forced to return to his former team to defend the agent from the assassin.

The movie is an amalgamation of clever and funny humor with action-packed sequences. You will be captivated by the movie’s plot and enjoy the heavy action.

IMDb Ratings 7.0

Producer:Di Bonaventure

Directed By: Robert Schwentke

5# The Client (1994) | Child Who Witnesses Suicide And Gets Into Trouble

The Client is a legal thriller, a type of crime fiction. It is based upon John Grimsham’s 1993 novel. This movie is thrilling and exciting. It tells the story of Mark, a young boy whose life turns into a hunt and hide.

Mark’s stress comes from witnessing a suicide attempt on a lawyer. The mob, who wanted to kill the lawyer, and the federal attorney begin hunting for Mark. To find out more about Mark’s suicide, the mob and federal attorney search for him. Finally, the child receives help from an alcoholic attorney.

This movie is packed with drama and tension, so you’ll be on edge. The movie is also a good choice for those who enjoy gangster movies.

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IMDb Ratings 6.8

Producer: Archon Milkan and Steven Reuther

Directed by: Joel Schumacher

6# Wanted (2008) | A Talent Of Killing

Wanted, another action-thriller movie, is partly based on the comic series. It all revolves around Wesley Gibson’s strategic planning. His unique method of killing people was what made him famous.

He discovers the uniqueness of his ability to kill and comes out clean after his father is murdered. Fox Talks Weasely, a woman named Fox, joins him during the murders. Wesley discovers that there are many ways to kill.

It is not your typical movie. The film has a compelling plot and exciting characters. If you’re willing to witness some bloody shootouts, this movie is for you.

IMDb Ratings 6.7

Producer: Marc Platt and Jim Lemley. Ian Smith

Directed by:Timur Bekmambetov

7# Sugar Hill (1994) | Story Of A Criminal Who Changes His Life 

Sugar Hillis a movie that is classified under crime fiction but teaches a lot to its audience. This is the jaw-dropping story of the Skaggs brothers, who spent half their lives in criminal environments.

These brothers become high-ranking drug dealers. Roemellos’s older brother, Skugg, rejects their lifestyle and requests that they change it.

Because she doesn’t want everyone’s lives to be at risk, she asks for a shift. Romero begins to think about his life and decides to make a change. His brother is not happy.

It is a well-reported portrayal of drug-dealing life that makes audiences feel attached to the protagonist (Roemello). The movie also features themes such as guilt, regret, redemption, and others.

IMDb Ranking5.9

Producers: Rudy Langlais and Greg Brown

Directed By: Leon Ichaso

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Final Words

These are the best mafia movies you can find on Hulu. Don’t wait and explore these movies one at a time!

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