Made in Abyss Season 2 Episode 9 Recap and Ending Explained

In the ninth and final episode from Made in Abyss’ season 2 or ‘Made In Abyss the Golden City of the Scorching Sun”, titled “The Return”, Reg is able to get into the village by using Faputa’s arm to rescue Nanachi. However, an sage that has been sleeping for years comes into action to prevent Reg. This is everything you need to be aware of the conclusion of “Made in Abyss” Season 2, Episode 9. SPOILERS AHEAD!!!

Made in Abyss Season 2 Episode 9 Recap

As Reg moves toward the village, with Faputa lying on his back, He asks her if she is okay since she suffered a significant injury after tearing her arm off. Faputa assures her that she’s immortal and that this injury is not fatal. When Reg finally makes it to Iruburu, he sees Riko waiting at the gate. After Reg has entered the village, the whole of Iruburu begins to cry and scream, an event that astonishes even the locals.

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Vuelo believes that the problem could be due to Reg taking Faputa’s hand. He reveals that Faputa is willing to be anything if she keeps his word Vuelo asks what she wants the Prince to perform. Reg can recall her desire to get into the village. She also discussed rewriting the law that prevents her from entering the village. Riko immediately realizes the significance of Faputa referring to the Reg’s incinerator since it’s the one instrument that can change the netherworld’s laws.

Waukegan appears just as they are chatting with each other and is able to recognize Reg for the role of the Prince. In a flash, Riko realizes that he might be eager to set out with adventurers once more, just like the other villagers and asks him straight up if she should utilize his Cradle of Desperation to enable it. However, before they can end their conversation, the ground shakes, and Juroimoh is spotted out of thin air. He doesn’t waste time declaring his motives clear, stating that he is determined to grab Faputa’s arms from Reg.

Made in Abyss Season 2 Episode 9 Ending: How Does Reg Stop Juroimoh?

When Juroimoh looks at Reg and Reg, it is evident that he will not let up until he gets the arm, which he’s carried around to help Nanachi. However, before he can directly pursue the man, he makes use of his power to block the village’s entrance of Ilblu by putting up the black masses that usually appear when balanced. Then, he spreads the black masses over the village in a deliberate manner.

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It is evident to Reg that Juroimoh doesn’t wish to leave any space for him, so he cannot escape his snares. The villagers soon find themselves surrounded by a mass of people who have little room for him. Juroimoh doesn’t care about anyone’s well-being so long as he can get what he wants. After avoiding him for a long, Reg finally gets caught by the mass of people. However, he is able to hit Juroimoh directly during the opening. So, Reg uses his incinerator to take out any of three Sages in only one blow.

Does Faputa Make it Inside the Village of Ilblu? What Does She Plan to Do?

After Reg uses his incinerator to cause serious injuries to Juroimoh, he reaches out to his fellow village residents. He is usually asleep for two hours following the use of his amazing power. Therefore, Reg asks the villager to join him in taking his hand them. Even though they’re glad to assist, Majikaja knows he’ll need some helpers because the hand is priceless and is a prime prey for predators drawn by the scent of blood. However, when they look at the chaos unleashed by the burning machine, they’re surprised to find something unusual only a few yards away.

Faputa has made it to the Village of Ilblu because of burning incinerators that have caused destruction. She thanked Reg for helping her accomplish her goals and eliminating the one obstacle that stood in her way. From nowhere, Juroimoh can summon enough courage to assault the princess once more; However, the unit that interferes with her swiftly falls on him and asks him to show some tribute to her. When Faputa looks at the villagers, she warns them they’ll pay for their mistakes.

Faputa warns the people they’re guilty of looking at her as well as her siblings. Since they’ve sacrificially abused her mother in order to prolong their existence, Faputa cannot naturally forgive her for what she calls the sin of their lives. Thus, she announces that the joys and sorrows of their daily lives are finally coming to an end, as she demands that they pay for their sins by eliminating every single one of them.

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