Made in Abyss Season 2 Episode 11 Recap and Ending!!

In the 11th season of the ‘Made in Abyss season 2’ or “Made In Abyss 2: The Golden City of the Scorching Sun, which is titled “Value,” Faputa continues to wreck the village after removing Reg out of the way. However, Nanachi and Belief can save everyone and teach Princess Grace about the story of her mom’s history. Here’s everything you need to be aware of the conclusion of “Made In Abyss” season 2, episode 11. SPOILERS AHEAD!!

Made in Abyss Season 2 Episode 11 Recap

Faputa, as well as Reg, continue to debate their differences and fight. After Reg has expressed what he thinks, Faputa feels that he is extremely kind but very foolish. Thus, she uses her abilities to disarm him and then keep him down as the focus shifts back to the villagers.

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When she meets Riko, Faputa blames her for her mishaps. She believes that even if Reg had not been around to meet her, he’d remember his past, and all this unnecessary fighting would never have happened in the first place. As time passes, her hatred of Riko grows, and she seems to be preparing herself to murder her.

The people in her camp are aware of this and are ready to put their lives in danger to safeguard Riko. Luckily, it doesn’t happen when Nanachi and Belief fight Faputa and make her aware of the two. Belaf seems to have no intention of fighting Faputa, but He still tries to force her to kill himself- something he’s prepared well ahead of time.

Made in Abyss Season 2 Episode 11 Ending: How Do the Memories of Her Mother Affect Faputa?

When Belaf suddenly appears to protect the villager by helping them save their life, Faputa realizes something atypical about his appearance. Looking at his body, she thinks he may have eaten lots of her family members. So, she cannot control her anger and immediately jumps into action to take out Belaf. However, it is interesting that Belaf doesn’t appear to be concerned about defense. He lets her come closer, and as soon as Faputa is killed and she is killed, memories of her mother flood her thoughts.

Faputa can clearly see Veuko and Belaf becoming friends and her mum. She later considers Vueko, the mother of her children, which Faputa did not anticipate. While the memories of good times are not what she anticipated, Faputa also helplessly watches her mother go through the grief of losing her children in succession. The pain cycle gradually broke her physically and emotionally. At the same time, Nanachi knew that the memories would not change Faputa’s thoughts, but they could definitely put her in shock for a short period of time. Nanachi decided to use this important time to create an idea to ensure everyone was protected.

In the meantime, Faputa is struggling to comprehend the past as tears stream from her eyes. Belaf was aware before she died that this was likely the only method to open Faputa’s eyes to different perspectives, as she’s unaware of the events that took place before the time that it was that the mysterious illness struck the Ganja tribe. Although Faputa is clearly disturbed for a time, it does not influence her ultimate goal. She eventually comes to her consciousness and rejects any notion of peace.

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What is the Consequence of Faputa’s Uncontrollable Rage?

Motivated by revenge, Faputa starts attacking the village once more. Her rage is unstoppable until everyone is shocked by a loud roar. It is revealed that the village is so devastated that animals from the outside have begun to pour into it. They immediately begin eating the weak villagers since they are easy targets and have a low chance of surviving. It is soon apparent that even Faputa can’t cause the devastation and death they’ve been able to cause in just less than a minute.

In the meantime, Faputa does not like the fact that another kills her enemies. Faputa begins fighting the beasts in hopes that eventually she could take out the villager with her own hands, but fails spectacularly. They do not just assault her, but they also attempt to devour Faputa alive, who lost the most amount of blood at one time that she couldn’t move. Even though she’s immortal, she suffers from numerous injuries and appears badly shaped. To her delight, when she becomes incapacitated, it is the locals who help her.

They offer their bodies to supply Faputa with vitality and help heal her. When Faputa eats their companions’ bodies, her wounds gradually disappear. However, Gaburoon dies protecting her during the time and, in his final moments, calls her to build her own worth. He emphasizes that his time with her was extremely valuable to his personality and suggests that she considers experiences similar to that in the same way. While she’s been relentlessly violent up until now, Gaburoon’s last words will influence her. It is unclear what she will accomplish now that people are saving her, and her friend’s death is in her honor.

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