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“Luckiest Girl Alive” revolves around the lifestyle that Ani Fanelli. The journalist for a well-known women’s magazine. She was married to a sweet and financially stable man to which she was set to marry. From the beginning, we discover that there’s an unsolved past that has been haunting Tiffani and is now known as Ani. Ani decided not to talk about the events of her past life.

She wanted to concentrate on creating the perfect version of herself. Ani was known as a popular person. She described herself as an animated doll who could talk about whatever people wanted to be told by her. However, her life was disrupted after a documentarian asked to speak with her about the school shootout, in which she was to be partially accountable. “Luckiest Girl Alive” barely contains any savage scenes. Chiara Aurelia, who plays Ani’s younger self, gave an impressive performance. Although the previous made me itch Mila Kunis performs the thirty-something Ani, it is remarkably dull and boring.

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‘Luckiest Girl Alive’ Plot Summary: What Is The Film About?

Ani was convinced she believed that Luke loved her since she was a woman with her own “edge.” To men like Luke Harrington, a woman who is enthusiastic about her job, dislikes babies generally and has dark secrets she is only sharing with him is attractive. It’s true that Luke knew about her past however she wasn’t necessarily truthful with him. Ani gobbles down two slices in a pizza restaurant as Luke goes to the bathroom. In a sense, this illustrates an aspect of Ani who she thought was so degrading that she put it aside. She didn’t want to lose the respect that she had earned through many years of service. If that was a consequence of not doing what she would really like to do, then so be it.

An independently-produced documentary maker, Aaron Wickersham, expressed the intention of interviewing Ani to talk about the 1999 gun shootout she was participating in. Her classmate, Dean Barton, had accused Ani of taking part in the shootout and he agreed to participate in the documentary. Dean Barton was now a politician who was heavily involved in rewriting gun laws, and was just about to release an article. Aaron was looking for Ani to share her story since she not disclosed what happened to her in the time. Ani was not willing to make a commitment to the idea, particularly after learning that Dean would be part of the investigation.

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Ani began to reminisce about her experiences at Brentley School, a tier-one private school in which she was on an award of scholarship. The wealthy students found it difficult for her to be acquainted with their luxurious lifestyles. Although it was several years since the incident, Ani still received hateful remarks from her classmates and teachers, who blamed her for the incident. Everybody around her was in a sense pushing her over the edge. Sharing the story wasn’t her only choice. She was a complete mess, but she was feeling hollow. She took out her pen, and then put down the thing that had been hurting her inside for several years.

Understanding The Past: What Was Ani Hiding From The World?

After the initial struggles during her time at Brentley School, she managed to be friends with the wealthy and genius children. Arthur was her main advocate and looked after her in all circumstances. The school hosted its Brentley School Fall Dance event in 1999, Ani and her friends were having the most enjoyable time they’ve ever had. The school’s principal detained Arthur for the reason that the principal noticed that he had an alcohol flask. While Arthur was gone, Hillary asked Ani to be with her as they left the premises of the school to go to Dean’s home for a party. After drinking at Dean’s home, Hillary asked Ani to accompany her when they returned to school, however, Ani decided to stay a bit longer.

She was snoring after which, when she returned to herself, she thought of her classmate Peyton drinking with her. The girl was lying on the floor of the bathroom and was unable to stop the damage that was happening to her body. Following the time that Peyton was gone, Ani managed to stand up and attempted to walk however, the boys did not allow her to leave. The girl was bleeding and but her boyfriend, Liam, decided to push himself against her. After Liam left, she returned to her feet after leaving the bathroom. She entered the bedroom of Dean and attempted to put her clothes on. As she watched Dean come in, she tried to find an excuse to leave, however, he grabbed her and then raped her.

She kicked him in the face and managed to get away. She ran to the closest important store and found her instructor, Andrew Larson. He drove her to his home and demanded that she tell her mother about the incident, but she did not agree. The next day Larson called her mother. Larson informed the principal about the incident, and the principal questioned her memory. When the principal began dialing her mother’s telephone number, Ani stopped him and decided not to make a complaint. The principal, Mr. Larson was fired from the school because he did not stop pupils from leaving the premises.

Ani was afraid of her mother. She was aware that she would not understand what she had gone through, and she blamed Ani for what she had done. Her mother had devoted her life and finances for her daughter’s education as well as the reality that Ani went to an event and drank alcohol and put in line everything sacrifices her mother made to support her, would cause her to be furious. The absence in support and encouragement from the mother of her child was the main reason Ani decided to not do anything. From a young age, she was taught that she should not be a part of a group that had money. She spent the majority of her life interacting with the right crowd and was respected.

‘Luckiest Girl Alive’ Ending Explained: Why Did Dean Make The False Claim? What Pushed Ani To Take A Step Against Dean?

Arthur was furious after Arthur found out that Ani did not take any action against the perpetrators. She even apologized to Liam who was dismayed to discover that Ani had called the events of the night a the gang and rape. This wasn’t the first time Peyton, Liam, and Dean took advantage of someone. They had also abused Ben, Arthur, and Ani’s friend. Ani realized that she is receiving financial aid and her life was at risk should she speak out about the group sexual assault. Therefore, even although Arthur advised her to do something but she resisted.

Ani finally agreed to be part of the documentary however, only if she didn’t be required to encounter Dean. She shared how, she was at the time of shooting, she observed Ben entering the room the group of Liam, Peyton, and Olivia were in. Ben was straight towards Peyton and hit him on the head.

As Ani, Olivia, and Liam attempted to flee, Ben shot Liam from the back. Ani was able to remember not opening the door open for Liam to get out, simply because she was not willing to put her life in danger to protect her rape victim. As Olivia and Ani went to the bathroom to find Dean. Arthur arrived in the room carrying an assault rifle and requested Olivia to go out. He gave an gun Ani and requested her to shoot Dean however she was not. He took the gun away from Ani and fired Dean on the leg. Ani was carrying a knife around in her possession, and she cut Arthur with it in his neck. using the knife. She was aware that Arthur was seeking revenge on everyone who had wronged them.

However, she was not one to advocate violence or take her perpetrators to death. The following day, when she was to the funeral together with her mother, they were denied from the venue. Dean was rumored to have told the story that he had refused to be Ani’s boyfriend after being suspected of sleeping with his buddies, which was why she and her friends set out to shoot each other. Dean appeared on the screen as Ani had been discussing the incident in front of the camera. Ani quickly left the scene and refused to be participant in the film.

Luke was supportive of Ani’s decision to not participate in the documentary. Luke was never enthusiastic about it because watching his fiancé talk about how her body was hurt did not seem like something he wanted to be for. His wish was for her to join the couple to London and pursue the MFA course. He believed that Ani was more valuable than she earned and maybe writing a book could assist her in her growth. However, for Ani working for The New York Times was an ideal, and the possibility of receiving an offer letter was an amazing sensation.

However, she chose to let it go to take Luke to London However, before departing, she thought about recording her experiences and publishing it on The New York Times. The editor reviewed the article and suggested that she write about something with a lot of heart should she want to write instead of a polished description of the experience she had. This is what spurred Ani to spill all her feelings out. She had a meeting Dean Dean at a book-signing event. Dean threatened to accuse her of the shootout should she speak about the group rape. He acknowledged that he committed an error in spreading a false rumor. He did this to safeguard himself. He was worried that Ani would tell her story.

But before she could do so, he started spreading the story that raised questions about her character. Ani was able to record him confessing that the raped him. She was always thinking about other people’s opinions over her own, but she was able to document the nightmare she was forced to endure as a teen. Her mother arranged for her to have a lawyer while she was in school , and shut her down before she could ever speak with her about what transpired the night before. In her last year of school, she met one woman who lived in New York who was powerful wealthy, rich, and extremely gorgeous. She decided that she wanted to be like her in real life, and went to great lengths to become her. However, in the process, she’d become someone she barely knew.

On the night of the rehearsal dinner, Ani received an email stating that the article was going to be published. Ani was thrilled upon receiving the news, however, Luke was not feeling the exactly the same in the same way. He was outraged by the details of the incident , and was worried over how the rest of his family might react to it after having read it. Luke believes that Dean could have handled her experience in private. Luke believed that the rapists were paying for their mistakes because Dean had been in an erection, and the other victims were dead. He was unable to comprehend Ani’s anger and the need to share her story. Ani wasn’t the woman Luke knew. She wasn’t playful and joyful. Ani was not able to show her real self to him, as she knew she would not be in love with the version he saw of her. She made up a story to appear like what he wanted be, because she’d always wanted to be with the richest man in the world like Luke. Once she realized that it was a ruse, their relationship ended. Ani’s article led women to write about their stories. She didn’t hesitate to apologize for speaking out. Even though Dean may have been engaged in reforming the law on guns, he was not accepted for his past actions.

“Luckiest Girl Alive” ends with Ani working for The New York Times. The woman she was aspiring to become was no longer concerned about whether others thought she was a good person. The burden of her past was lifted off her shoulders as she emerged of the burden of guilt that consumed her. Ani has changed as a character. We encountered a person who was a social butterfly as well as a social climber at early on, however as time went on we saw the more vulnerable side of Ani. Ani’s mother played a major role in her desire to marry an economically stable man with riches she could show off. Part of Ani was awed by the person Luke was, yet she was with him to earn social capital. Her past experiences allowed her to be herself instead of trying to escape it.

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