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Lou film will be directed and written by Anna Foerster, known for her work on Westworld, Outlander, Jessica Jones, Underworld: Blood Wars and other projects. You will be made independently through JJ Abrams’ Bad Robot production company, Braden After a good (Hell or High Water), and Maggie Cohn before being made available via Netflix.

The story has been composed by Jack Stanley and Maggie Cohn ( The Girl Before, American Crime Story).

Lou Movie Plot

“Lou” Janney plays Lou, Janney portrays Lou the young woman’s landlord. they team up to track down the girl’s daughter who her father kidnaps.

An “hard-shelled and rule-breaking lady” with a unique set of abilities, which includes exceptional tracking abilities and exceptional tracking ability, is how the character of Janney is described. The film is marketed as a female-focused revenge thriller, and has been compared to the likes of Thelma and Louise, as well as Taken.

The official synopsis of the Netflix series Lou The official synopsis for Netflix’s Lou is the following: A senior citizen who lives on a stipend on a remote island is forced to help her sloppy neighbor in saving her daughter, who’s ex-husband is adrift and has disappeared into woods.

Janney is set to play her role as landlord. She is an imposing, slow, and rule-breaker who has astonishingly good tracking skills among her talents.

The Cast

The main character, Lou the wolf, for the role in which Allison Janney was cast, is certainly another character that will help her win awards.

Janney has already won an Oscar and she has also won a Golden Globe for her supporting part in the Margot Robbie-starring film I, Tonya. In addition, she has received the prestigious six Emmy awards.

The other characters of the Netflix series Lou haven’t yet had their identities publicly revealed.

Release Date

Lou’s release date for release on Netflix is unknown; however, considering that filming started during the Summer of 2021 we could expect it to be released on September 22nd 2022.

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