Lost In Space Season 4 Episodes | Is The Series Cancelled?

Lost In Space is a Netflix sci-fi drama that takes place following an event that could threaten the extinction of humans. This story centers around the Robinsons, the family of space colonists whose spacecraft goes off course following an attack by an unknown robot. The Robinsons and other families are stranded on a nearby habitable planet and are now forced to begin with a fresh start on a new planet.

This was a remake of the series from 1965 with the same name. It was based on the novel 1812 The Swiss Family Robinson by Johann David Wyss. The show enjoyed a great season that began in the year 2018, which was then renewed for another season in the next year. In 2020, the show was renewed for the third Season, which was also thought to be the last Season. Is there a chance of another season of the show?

Is Netflix bringing Lost In Space Back For Season 4?

Netflix has announced that season 3 will be the final one. The showrunners successfully closed the show and tied many loose ends at the final. Zack Estrin had shared the following statement that he’d always intended for the show to be a three-season show. In a tweet, Estrin stated, “From the beginning, we’ve looked at this particular story from The Robinsons as a trilogy. Three epic stories of a family with a clear beginning, middle, and an end.”

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He continued to say this before the premiere of the 3rd Season. “It’s worth noting that, given the struggles the characters endure trying to make it through each episode, if anyone is worthy of catching their breath before embarking on their next task, they’re Will, Penny, Judy, Maureen, John, Don West, Dr. Smith… and The Robot. Also, of course, Debbie, the chicken. As this episode of Lost In Space is ending, I’m looking forward to continuing to develop the new adventures with my pals on Netflix and all the amazing possibilities to come.”

To put it in simple terms, Lost In Space will not be returning for a second season. But those looking for more are likely to see other work out of Estrin, who has signed a long-term agreement with Netflix to develop new series. Although it was difficult for viewers to let go of it, the crew was sad to leave with the show, too.

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Mina Sundwall, who plays Penny Robinson, said in Screenrant, “I feel very bittersweet. And I believe it will be bittersweet for the people who are fans of the show to be able to watch it. It’ll be bitter because it’s finished but sweet due to how it concludes. I was very pleased with the end.” She said, “I love Penny’s story development; I’m thrilled with where she’s going. I’m not able to say much. However, there are lots of things I’ve wished for an extended period of time for her, and fans have said they’d like to see them for a longer time. I think that everyone will be thrilled. It will be bittersweet, but I do hope everyone is pleased with the conclusion.”

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