Linda Robinson Murder: Where is James Edward Mitchell Now?

Investigation Discovery’s “On the Case with Paula Zahn: Blood, Sweat and Tears documentary recounts the murder investigation of Linda Robinson in Spanaway, Washington, in February of 1993. The police uncovered blood samples on the scene of the crime science was not developed as much at the beginning of the 1990s to develop DNA-based profiles.

But, they could identify the culprit in the 21st year using the evidence from the forensic investigation. If you’re interested in the case’s specifics and the identity and the present location of the culprit, we’ve provided you with the information you need. Let’s get into the details. Let’s get started, shall we?

How Did Linda Robinson Die?

On February 6, 1993, Linda Robinson babysat her nephew and nieces in her home in Spanaway in Pierce County, Washington. She was talking with her close friend George Caldwell on the phone as her teenage daughter had been out with her buddies, and the kids were sleeping inside the family room. Then, at 11, one of the children awoke when she heard the alarm. She went to the kitchen to discover the soup pot set on the stove, which was in flames. Her aunt was lying face down on the kitchen floor in bloody pools.

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The girl sought assistance from her neighbors. The police were notified. Linda was declared dead by first responders while investigators were able to collect evidence from the scene of the crime. They collected a sample of blood from the floor of the kitchen, the bathroom door, and carpeted areas, as well as the blood smear that was found on the kitchen counter and the wall in the hallway. There were also blood spots on the jacket as well as a nightstand that was inside her bed, as well as an untidy telephone cord.

Linda’s pants pockets were closed, and various items were scattered around her body. Additionally, her dresser drawers also had opened. The autopsy report found the cause of death as ten stab wounds in her back. Most of them entered the chest cavity, cutting her lung and liver. There were also signs of a defensive wound on her hands and forearms, and her chest and torso showed superficial cuts.

Who Killed Linda Robinson?

The detectives questioned around, but no neighbors had seen any sign of trouble. When interrogating George, the police learned that they had been on the phone around 10:30 pm when she claimed that someone was at the door. He also claimed that she was submissive when the call ended. In the days leading up to the time of her passing, Linda had been seeing several males, one of which was Lee Chandler. According to George, who was an old roommate of his, Lee used Linda as a runner to crack.

Lee was identified as a person who was investigated during the interrogation by the police numerous times. In the event of failing the voluntary Polygraph examination, Lee became the primary suspect in the murder of Linda. Lee had a temper issue and was able to attack the victim over a bill for electricity. He also had an arrest history for allegations of domestic violence. Although Lee was arrested on non-related charges, the police were unable to find no evidence that linked Lee to the murder of Linda. The investigation quickly turned cold without any other leads or suspects in the case.

In 2013, Linda’s murder case was opened again, and blood samples were analyzed to determine the DNA profile. The profile of Linda’s DNA was constructed with an untested blood sample taken from her autopsy. Investigators located the DNA profiles of an unidentified person among the evidence recovered from the crime scene. After analyzing it in the nation’s database and identifying a match, they discovered James Edward Mitchell.

James (then 51) was arrested by an 8-member US Marshal’s Fugitive Task Force team in Lake County, Florida, on August 7 14th, 2014. He cleaned his car at the Tires Plus store on U.S. Highway 27-441. He was detained in the Lake County Jail before being extradited to Washington and charged with murder.

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Where is James Edward Mitchell Now?

James was found guilty of first-degree murder by an indictment jury in February 2016 and was sentenced the prison for 450 months on March 25, 2016. James appealed his conviction, but it was rejected, and his sentence was upheld. According to official court documents, he was detained in the Clallam Bay Corrections Facility in Washington. However, he is currently in one of Mahanoy State Correctional Institution cells. State Correctional Institution – Mahanoy in Pennsylvania.

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