6 Best Lesbian Movies on Prime 

This article lists the top lesbian-themed films and films available on Netflix and Amazon Prime and is regularly updated by the team Nonchalant. Updated January 20, 2022.

There’s a never-ending stream of hetero films on the market but let’s face it, that’s not the case. If your viewing of lesbian films has become a bit boring after the craze of Carol the Musical, you’re not the only one. With streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, the market has opened, and plenty of lesbian films are available there.

We have watched all of them and are ready to provide you with a list of the best online streaming offers. Popcorn and drinks, anyone?

Lesbian Movies on Prime

1. First Girl I Loved (Prime)

It’s one of the films that are nearly too for you to believe. The first step from being attracted to straight girls is having an obsession with straight girls who reciprocate and then realizing that she’s straight. This is the basis of the film. It’s fun and indie but difficult to watch at times. This one is a perfect choice if you’re a sucker for a high school/coming-of-age drama. Note that the main character, Dylan Gelula, was in Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. That’s where you’ll recognize her from. You’re welcome.

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2. Duck Butter (Netflix)

Isn’t Alia Shawkat all things? We are all the same? No matter if Alia Shawkat is the lover of your life, Duck Butter should be on your radar. The mix of sweet humor and sexy scenes that could make your parents shiver is a strange but successful success. For us, at least. The characters are fascinating and actually have depth and depth, which is an incredible success within the larger category of films about lesbians.

3. Jamie and Jessie Are Not Together (Prime)

There are two important things to note about this film. First, it starts with the sound of Tegan and Sara. Then, it’s a musical. There’s a hilarious and amusing track about falling in love with a girl who is not and being able to relate. The film also explores new ground because it’s about two lesbians who are out. This is noteworthy because it’s refreshing to see a film that isn’t focused on making a statement or fighting to be accepted. It’s a classic rom-com with queer females and music. Perfect.

4. Disobedience (Prime)

There was no other choice than to highlight this movie. Absolutely not a comedic film. The film isn’t too shy about dealing with faith and sexuality.

Perhaps the most memorable Rachel McAdams movie in the years since Mean Girls, there is something about the controversy that makes this movie captivating – it’s almost like Mean Girls, we suppose.

It is a glimpse into a different side of London as well as the fact it’s close to home only makes it that much more entertaining. While it’s definitely not a girls’ night out and popcorn’ type of movie, you’re obliged to see it at least once.

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5. The Feels (Prime)

The story revolves around two lesbians who have a bachelorette party together. Everything is fine until one confesses to never experiencing an orgasm. Awkward.

We think that this could be an improv comedy, but a lot of the dialogue seems to be improvised, which frequently leads to awkward moments, which we’re not completely sure if they are or have to be.

The characters aren’t liked, but one character that we really enjoyed was Helen. Other characters appear to be a bit in their own world, especially the one funny/childish moment between two characters at the beginning of the day after the group had left for the night.

We’re aware the title of this article is “BEST Lesbian Movies on Netflix and Amazon Prime,’ and we aren’t the most professional review of this, but decide for yourself if there are plenty of viewers who enjoyed the film!

6. Honourable mentions

It’s just an internet search to find that there are a lot of queer and lesbian-themed films out there that are too many to fit into one article and some that should be avoided at all costs. However, there are some choices that merit shouting out, if not a complete recommendation.

The made-for-TV film The Truth About Jane is so P.G. it’s painful, but it’s also a classic, great for reminiscing, and available on Prime. Porcupine Lake follows as a Prime film that is a delight to tick the box of indie and coming-of-age.

Another one from Netflix, The movie Bare, simply does what it’s meant to accomplish. It’s sharp, down-to-earth, and just a little steamy enough that you could be comfortable watching it on your first date. What more do you need?

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If you’re more of a good television show for lesbians, then take a look at the best lesbian television series on television suggestions.

Enjoy your watching!

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