29 Korean Serial Killer Movies On Netflix That Will Blow Your Mind

Just in: K-dramas really are worth the subtitles. While you are probably aware of many great Korean drama series on Netflix, such as Sweet Home, Kingdom and All of Us Are Dead among others, we think it’s high time to promote all the Korean thriller movies available on Netflix.

No matter your interest in spy movies or survival stories, there’s a Korean thriller for you. We’ve got the Korean Serial Killer Movies On Netflix right now. You’re welcome!

You can find movies by major names such as Park Hoon-Jung, Ryoo Sung-wan, and Hwang Donghyuk, along with the actors from Parasite and Hellbound.


Korean Serial Killer Movies On Netflix

Yaksha: Unscrupulous Operations (2022)

This spy thriller stars SquidGame‘s Park Hae-soo. It takes place in Shenyang China and follows the Black Ops team of an espionage agency, as well as the former prosecutor charged with inspecting them.

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Space Sweepers (2021)

This sci-fi drama, set in 2092, centers on four misfits trying to trade a young humanoid for a deadly weapon, but they soon discover she could be dangerous.

Night in Paradise (2021)

This K-drama shows a mobster who hides on Jeju Island after a tragedy and begins to have a relationship with a woman… but he doesn’t know that she is battling her own demons.

The 8th Night (2021)

This supernatural thriller is about a young monk who sets out to stop an evil spirit from rising again. It has been kept in prison for over 2,500 years and will continue to torture and possess humans if it is awakened.

The Call (2020)

The story of a young woman, who returns to her childhood home to find a mysterious phone that allows her to contact the 20-year-old owner of the house. And that serial killer?

#Alive (2020)

Hellbound‘s Yoo Ahin stars as a zombie thriller gamer who struggles to survive in a horrifying zombie apocalypse that has struck Seoul. He is only kept going by a mysterious survivor who lives in an apartment opposite.

The Pirates and the Last Royal Treasure (2022)

This sequel to 2014’s the Pirates takes place during the Joseon Dynasty, following a crew of pirates as they try to track down a collection of royal treasures that are allegedly missing without a trace.

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Hunting takes time (2020)

Time To Hunt is a dystopian action-thriller that centers around a group (including Parasite‘s Choi Wooshik) of friends who pull off an ambitious heist…but are then pursued by a mysterious assassin (played here by Park Hae-soo).

Svaha: The Sixth Finger (2019)

This occult thriller features a Buddhist monk (played here by Game‘s Lee Jungjae) who is hired to investigate a cult known as Deer Mount. A police captain is investigating a case of murder that he suspects may be linked to a member of the Deer Mount cult.

10 Kingdom: Ashin of North (2021)

This movie-length episode of Netflix’s K-drama kingdom is a prequel to season 2. It tells the story of Ashin (a former spy for the Joseon Kingdom) who is introduced at the conclusion of season 2. It’s a great show, even if Kingdom is not something you have seen before.

11 Steel Rain (2018)

This action thriller features a North Korean Special Forces agent who decides to flee to the South with a wounded leader after a coup to save his leader…and also to stop a nuclear war.

12 Lucid Dream (2017)

Are you a fan of sci-fi thrillers and thrillers? This film is for you. It’s about a single young journalist and father who, after unsuccessfully searching for his son for three years, attempts to find him through lucid dreams.

13 The Fortress (2017)

This historical drama is set in the 17th Century during the Qing invasion. It tells the story of King Injo, his retainers, and their struggle to hold Namhansanseong down and decide whether they will fight or stay peaceful with the Qing.

14 Battleship Island (2017)

Another historical drama is The Battleship Island. It takes place during Imperial Japan’s occupation of Korea during World War II. It tells the story of a labor camp on Hashima Island and the daring escape attempt by a group.

15 The Unjust (2010)

This action crime movie features a police officer who is placed in an impossible position after the lead suspect in a high-profile serial murder case is murdered. His mission? To find a fallen man to shoulder the blame.

16 The Drug King (2018)

Parasite‘s Song Kang-ho stars as Lee Hwang-soon (real-life drug smuggler) in this crime drama. He built his empire in Busan in the 1970s and amassed huge amounts of wealth.

17 Forgotten (2017)

This psychological thriller features Jin-Seok, a young man who witnesses his older brother being abducted shortly after they move into their new home. Jin-Seok is shocked when the brother returns to his family 19 days later.

18 Pandora (2016)

Pandora is a great disaster movie. It features a young man who jumps into action when an earthquake hits his small town. The nuclear power plant is also featured in the film.

19 The Witch: Subversion (2018)

This mysterious horror film tells the story of a young woman who escapes from a government facility as an infant. However, she has no memory of it. She must face her past when, 10 years later, she appears on a television competition series that causes strange men to chase her. FYI, the sequel was released just in June 2022. This is a great time to see it.

20 Illang: The Wolf Brigade (2018)

This sci-fi thriller is set in 2029. It depicts South and North Korea creating a united government with a special South Korean police force that must stop terrorists from preventing unification.

21 The Reservoir Game (2017)

The Reservoir Game is technically a documentary but it feels more thriller-like, as it follows an investigative reporter who attempts to expose the slush funds of Lee Myung-bak, a former South Korean president.

22 High Society (2018)

This dramatic drama tells the story of a husband and wife, a professor, and an art curator. While the husband is running for National Assembly, they consider how far they are willing to go.

23 The Berlin File (2013)

This action thriller is set in Berlin and centers on a North Korean “ghost agent” who accidentally exposes a weapons agreement, which puts him in trouble with both South Koreans as well as his bosses.

24 Silence (2011)

This crime drama is based on the novel The Crucible by Gong Jiyoung. It also reflects real-life events at Gwangju Inhwa Schools for the Deaf. The story follows an art teacher who uncovers sexual and physical abuse at the school for children with hearing impairments.

25 Psychokinesis (2018)

Psychokinesis was the first South Korean superhero movie. It follows a bank security officer who, after drinking water from a mountain spring that had been affected by a meteor, discovers that he has telekinetic abilities, which he decides he will use for good.

26 The Chase (2017)

This crime thriller features a reluctant landlord who agrees to work with a detective in order to revive a cold case that has been pending for 30 years. He was shocked when several dead people from his community suddenly turn up.

27 Jo Pil-ho: The Dawning Rage (2018)

This action thriller stars Parasite‘s Lee Sunkyun. It tells the story of a corrupt cop who recruits a teen as a helper to uncover a major plot after he is made a suspect in a warehouse explosion.

28 Veteran (2015)

The action movie revolves around the no-nonsense detective who is embroiled in high-profile cases and the arrogant young millionaire, who happens to be the heir to a powerful conglomerate.

29 Revenger (2018)

Revenger is set in the near future and tells the story of a man who, to revenge on his family, purposely gets sent to a frightening prison island that houses dangerous criminals.

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