Kirsten Brueggeman Found or Missing? Is She Dead or Alive?

2021 began with a worrying incident for the Brueggeman’s as they realized they had lost their child, Kirsten, who had suddenly disappeared following an evening out with friends. Investigation Discovery’s “Disappeared”: Disappeared In the Dark’ explores the events that led to Kirsten’s disappearance and the police’s efforts to discover the circumstances that led to Kirsten. We’ve got you covered if you’re thinking about the same thing that we are.

What Happened to Kirsten Brueggeman?

Kirsten was the daughter of Lisa and Rex Brueggeman and is their sole daughter. When the tragedy occurred, she lived alongside her parents in Indianapolis, Indiana. The woman of her age is described as being a wild spirit who was a lover of animal companions and had a tenacious streak. Kirsten earned a living working in an eatery in the area. Because Kirsten was not licensed, her mother would often drive her around.

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On January 1, 2021, Lisa asked Kirsten, at the time 26 years old, if they wanted an Uber to ride home after work. Kirsten told her mother that she would meet her friends later in the evening. Lisa went to bed before waking up around midnight. After that, no texts and calls were coming from Kirsten. Lisa tried calling Kirsten’s daughter but unsuccessfully. At 3:30 pm the next day, she discovered that Kirsten was also not at work. Thus, Lisa reported her daughter missing on January 3, 2021, after learning that her daughter’s friends had not seen her either.

Is Kirsten Brueggeman Dead or Alive?

The police discovered that Kirsten was in drinking at the bar along with her former boyfriend, Eddie Bradford, and three other acquaintances. The group left the bar at 12:15 am on January 2, 2021. However, Kirsten got into a dispute with the other group for unknown reasons. The four other members left Kirsten on her own in the parking area and drove to a bowling center located in Beech Grove, Indiana.

It was then apparent that Kirsten was walking, though her direction was unclear. Security cameras around the vicinity recorded her movements. The most recent footage that was recorded was taken by a security camera that was located in the southeast of an area that is a neighborhood YMCA parking lot as well as part of the adjacent parking lot of an apartment complex. Kirsten appeared to be walking in the enclosed area at about 2 am. However, the camera went out of focus and picked up about an hour later.

Because of the technical issues, the police could not determine which direction Kirsten was going. But, they believe that she ran over the fence of her apartment and possibly was taken away from the area. The investigation was plagued by an absence of clues and no evidence attributing to her disappearance. In the following months, Kirsten’s family contacted a private investigation firm hoping to get additional clues.

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According to the report, the footage also showed a dark-colored vehicle driving away from the scene at about 2:37 am at the time of disappearance from the residence. Although the police looked into the possibility of Kirsten being in the car, the investigation was unsuccessful since the car was not linked with the varnish.

The investigation became cold, and no new evidence was coming in. The family saw an ember of hope in March 2022 when a man from Franklin, Indiana, called in to say Kirsten was in their bar. But it wasn’t turned out to be Kirsten’s. Rex was talking about the countless questions he could answer in his mind, adding, “You play all kinds of scenarios in your mind of what might actually have happened to her, and some are too horrible even to verbalize.” However, Lisa kept her faith in the possibility of a solution by saying, “I’m hoping that because maybe some time has gone by, someone out there is more willing to give up some information.”

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