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Chainsaw Man will make its debut in a few weeks. The fanbase is very excited. The animation is being produced by MAPPA, making this one of the most anticipated anime releases of the year. This series is also renowned for its talented cast.

These voice actors have enjoyed a long and successful career in anime. Fans can expect to see their best for the anime series. Let’s take an in-depth look at the voices of Chainsaw Man, and other roles they have played.

Chainsaw Man: Fairouz Ai, Kikunosuke Toya, and other voice actors present in the anime adaptation

Kikunosuke Toya

Denji’s VA Kikunosuke Toya wept when he saw Ep.1, because it was so great! !

Toya will portray the protagonist of Chainsaw Man and Denji. Toya also played the role as Protestor in Tokyo 24th Ward, and Miyazawa on Heroines Run The Show: The Unpopular Girl and The Task. MyAnimeList says that Toya is a jazz musician. The anime trailer gave fans a glimpse at the actor’s talent and they are eager to see what Mr. Toya does in the first season.

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Fairouz Ai

Fairouz Ai is a popular voice actor on this list and will lend her voice to Power in the Chainsaw Man Series. Her performance as Cujoh Jolyne, the protagonist in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure : Stone Ocean is well-known. Also, she has been featured in Cells At Work! She was featured in! as the Opportunistic Fungus 2 as well as Tokyo Revengers as a young Sano Makiro. Her theme song has been featured in several anime titles such as Tropical Rouge! Find out How Heavy are the Dumbbells That You Lift.

Tomori Kusunoki

Tomoriru is well-known for her roles in My Senpai is Anoying, Futaba Igarashi, Llenn, SAO Alternative: Gun Gale Online and Misha Necron, all from The Misfits of Demon King Academy.

Tomori Kusunoki will voice the fan-favorite Makima in the anime adaptation. Yu-Gi-Oh! has featured her. Sevens has played the role of Romin Kirishima in Yu-Gi-Oh! She performed the ending theme song of Misfit Of Demon King Academy, and Assassins pride.

Shogo Sakata

Sakata will play Aki Hayakawa on the Chainsaw Man series. This voice actor has been in many anime series including Fire Force with Karin Sasaki and One Pieceas Kazekage. My Hero Academia THE MOVIE : World Heroes Mission with Leviathan.

Shiori Izawa

Might draw Shiori Izawa and Pochita , honestly super curious to hear what kinds of sounds the lil guy makes too!

Shiori Izawa will portray Denji’s pet devil Pochita. She has lent her voice characters such as E.M. Pino, Mary Hughes (Fairy Tail), Mizarisa, Mizarisa, Mizarisa, Mizarisa, Full Dive, Nanachi (Made in Abyss), Norio “Moka”) Kamomebata (Scum’s Wish), Nanachi (Made in Abyss), Nanachi (Made in Abyss), Nanachi (Made in Abys) and Don’t Toy with me, Miss Nagatoro.

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Karin Takahashi

Karin Takahashi will portray Kobeni Higashiyama, the anime adaptation. Her appearances in anime include Dr. Stone has portrayed the role of Suika in One Piece, Ikkaku in One Piece, and Do It Yourself! with Kokoro “Shii!” Koki. She has also performed theme music for anime series such as Ace of Diamond and Severing Crime Edge. Gunma–chan.

As 2022 approaches, keep up to date with the latest news on Chainsaw Man manga and anime.

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