Ken Gutzeit Murder Mystery | Why Did Randell Vidrine Kill Him

A city in New Orleans, Louisiana, was stunned after a lengthy feud ended with a grisly murder on Tulane University’s Fraternity Row. Ken Gutzeit, a student at Tulane University, was having dinner at the Sigma Chi fraternity house when the victim was killed before his peers in a violent attack.

Sources suggest that Jamison Bachman was the one who was believed to have killed his brother later in his life and was allegedly led in the direction of violence after witnessing Ken’s death. Jamison had also been a serial squatter, and Netflix’s “Worst Roommate Never: Roommate Wanted’ chronicles the life of Jamison Bachman. If you’re interested in Ken’s death and want to know who his killer is now, We’ve got you covered.

How Did Ken Gutzeit Die?

Ken Gutzeit was a student of Tulane University and a popular student on campus. The university described him as a lively and kind-hearted human being Ken played football, enjoyed making new acquaintances, and was a member of Sigma Chi. Sigma Chi fraternity. In the end, as an apparently peaceful person, his murderous death was a shock to the core, and his loved ones mourn him to this day.

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While Jamison Bachman wasn’t part of this fraternity at the time, he was enjoying dinner in the frat’s house with one of his high school friends on January 29, 1976, and he, along with others who were present, witnessed the brutal attack of Ken Gutzeit. Ken was on the patio when another pupil, Randell Vidrine, was able to attack Ken with an axe and Jackknife.

The attacker cut the victim’s throat, then fled away from the scene as fraternity members attempted to heal the wound but failed. They could not save Ken, who succumbed to his injuries and died immediately. The coroner determined later that the victim was injured in the side of his neck. The knife had punctured the carotid artery of his neck, which led to his demise.

Why Did Randell Vidrine Kill Ken Gutzeit?

Since the crime occurred in the presence of many eyewitnesses, It didn’t take long for the public to blame Randell Vidrine. According to the media reports, Vidrine and Ken had an uneasy relationship that began after Vidrine assumed the assistant librarian position. Evidently, food was not allowed in the Tulane library. Consequently, Vidrine got into a dispute with Ken after Ken was in the library while taking a cheese snack.

The assistant librarian asked Ken to eat less or leave the premises, which led to an argument. But, Ken walked in with food two times, after which he could not get out of the building, forcing Vidrine to contact the campus police. The incident, however, sparked anger in the relationship between Vidrine and Ken if neither attempted to resolve the matter.

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On January 29, 1976, Vidrine had been walking by the Sigma Chi frat house when Ken confronted her. Ken attempted to get the attention of Vidrine and get into an argument; however, the latter remained to go on. After returning home, Vidrine picked up a knife, went to the frat home, and assaulted Ken before cutting his throat. Numerous witness statements pointed to the same individual, and the police apprehended Vidrine and charged him with murder. But, he was eventually released as the grand jury declined to charge him with the crime.

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