Top 4 Johnny Depp Movies On Netflix

Johnny Depp is a magnificent actor who has appeared in incredible films. To honor his amazing acting talents, We are bringing this list of films to you. These are the top and most acclaimed Johnny Depp films to watch on Netflix.

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Top 4 Johnny Depp Movies On Netflix

These Johnny Depp films are among the most popular to watch through Netflix USA and are highly rated on a variety of online streaming platforms too.

The Tourist

The film’s main character is Frank, who travels to France as a tourist. On his way to France, he runs into a lady called Elsie. She chats with him, and they seem to be chatting until it becomes clear that Elsie is actually setting traps for Frank. She’s creating Frank up and making him appear to be the one who stole billions to protect her boyfriend, who is the actual perpetrator of the crime.

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The police begin to pursue Frank when they discover Frank isn’t the one they’re after. However, it’s not enough for Frank to remain in a dangerous spot in which a mistake could cause him to lose his life. What can the police do to help Frank? The gorgeous Angelina Jolie plays the part of Elsie.

Secret Window

Mort Rainey is a well-known writer from New York, but he is experiencing an emotional time due to his separation from his spouse. He visits the lake house, where he seeks comfort. However, what happens there will alter his life forever. A few days later, a person named John Shooter appears at the door of the lakehouse and charges Mort of plagiarizing.

Mort says to John that he has proof that he was the author of every word he’s accused of copying in the story. However, very soon, things begin to get ugly. Mort’s dog dies. Within a couple of days, others begin to die too. Mort realizes that it’s an order by John Shooter. Mort must come up with his own method of dealing with his ferocious arch-nemesis. Johnny Depp plays Mort in this Netflix film.

What’s Gilbert Grape’s favorite food?

Johnny Depp plays the character of Gilbert Grape in this movie. Gilbert is the man who carries all the responsibility for his family. His mother is extremely obese and widowed, and his younger brother, played as Leonardo Di Caprio, Arnie, is mentally unstable. So, Gilbert has to take care of all the family’s needs. He works in a supermarket shop and isn’t content with his life, as he does not have enough time to think about his life and what the future holds for him.

However, his life is turned upside down when he is introduced to the new girl, Betty, who is played in the film by Juliette Lewis, who stops by their village for a brief moment. Gilbert must now make the dilemma of choosing between his family and his future. In the film, the Corpse Bride star interprets the role with aplomb. It’s among his best Netflix films.

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Once A Time A Time In Mexico

The Pirates of the Caribbean star Johnny Depp does it again in this film on Netflix as the character in the shady CIA Agent Sands. The plot centers around the plot to assassinate the President of Mexico. Drug lord Barillo is prepared to execute the plan along with his ally, general Marquez, who is also with Barillo, to topple the Mexican government.

However, Agent Sands doesn’t want Marquez to carry out his plan. So, he employs a former hitman Mariachi to devise an attack plan to kill Marquez. Where does the plot go? to killing the president or murdering Marquez? The story is full of thrilling twists you can discover when watching this film on Netflix. The stellar cast includes Antonio Banderas, Salma Hayek, Mickey Rourke, Eva Mendes, Willem Dafoe, Marco Leonardi, and Enrique Iglesias.

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