John Wick Streaming Platforms | Where To Watch All John Wick Movies?

John Wick’s success in an age of family movies and superhero movies is quite surprising. Keanu Reeves, a 90s action hero, plays the title character. The violent series follows a former assassin who is forced back into the criminal underground he thought he had left.

The film follows the protagonist’s quest for revenge, which begins with a tragically-accidental canine death. The Audience is then shown the inside workings of The Continental. This safe haven for hitmen under the control of the High Table.

The John Wick story currently has three movies. A fourth movie is in the works. Each release is more well-received than its predecessor, so it’s time for you to watch the master of assassination. You don’t have to leave your home or pay for cable. Streaming services make it possible. John Wick: Where to Watch?

Where to Watch John Wick Movies

Each John Wick movie can be streamed via a variety of streaming options. You can stream all three installments by signing up for fuboTV, SlingTV, or Peacock.

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You can get on-demand access to all three movies for $35/mo. Sling Orange or Sling Blue subscriptions Your first month of a Sling T.V. subscription is only $10. Sling Orange and Sling Blue can be purchased together for $50, a savings of $20/mo. Subscribing separately is possible.

Peacock is your last option. This could actually be your best choice. Peacock offers all three John Wick movies through a free account. You don’t have to upgrade to a Peacock Premium Account to view these films. You will see ads while watching the movies with your free account. Premium accounts, which give you more content on the streaming platform, cost only $5/month

Here are the prices for all these streaming options:



Sling Blue





As high as $5/mo

Renting vs. Buying John Wick

All movies from the John Wick series can be rented or purchased. Prime Video, Apple T.V. and Vudu all offer access to Reeves’ stunning performances.

Rentals of standard definition (S.D.), and high definition (H.D.), tend to be $4. Vudu offers 4K rentals at the same price. Most cases allow you to watch your rented movie for 30 days, and then you can finish it within 48 hours after you hit play. It will then disappear from your library. However, some sites have different terms. Microsoft gives you only 14 days to begin watching titles. Vudu allows for 24 hours to complete a film.

Prices can vary when it comes to purchasing John Wick titles. For SD versions, the cheapest purchase is usually $10, while H.D. versions can cost around $15. However, the third movie can be even costlier, with some sites charging $20 to buy H.D. or ultra-high-definition (UHD) versions.

You can get a 3-in-1 deal if you need it. All of the John Wick movies can be purchased through Vudu and Microsoft for as low as $28 to $30. Vudu offers a disc-and-digital option for the first movie. This will allow you to get both an S.D. or H.D. digital copy and a DVD, Blu-ray or Bluray.

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How To Stream John Wick Movies In Order

The John Wick franchise is a series of movies arranged by release date. To really get to know John and his desire for revenge, start with the first film. Next, move on to Chapter 3. – Parabellum.

John Wick (2014)

John Wick (Keanurees), a former hitman, is forced to return to his violent past when gangsters take away what he really cares about. He travels to New York City to seek revenge. He aims to kill all the thugs and Alfie Allen (Iosef Tarasov) who sent them. John will not be slowed down by even a plea from Michael Nyqvist (his old boss). Willem Dafoe plays the role of the father figure in this movie, which also features a legendary group of assassins.

Available on: Peacock, Sling T.V., fuboTV

John Wise: Chapter 2 ((2017)

A gangster yet again visits John. He asks John to pay off a large debt instead of raiding his home. John must abide by the oath that he once swears and travels to Italy in order to kill one of the gangsters’ family rivals. A million-dollar bounty is placed on John’s head for his return to the world of assassins. This bounty only increases when he is betrayed or forced to violate a sacred law that all his colleagues in the profession respect. Laurence Fishburne will be playing the role of an underground crime lord.

Available on: Peacock, Sling T.V., fuboTV

John Wise: Chapter 3 – Parabellum 2019

John is confronted with a list of skilled hitmen willing to kill him for a high price after he has killed in the exact place that no assassin should ever be allowed to kill. He has no support from his old guild and is left with few options. His only Hope seems to be an oath taken by a former friend Sofia (Halle Berry). Will John be able to fight to the end? Are there too many enemies? This gripping tale features Fishburne again.

Available on: Peacock, Sling T.V., fuboTV

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The Takeaway

It’s time for you to get into the John Wick action now before the fourth film arrives in 2022. Peacock allows you to stream all of the movies in the series. This is the best option if you don’t want to subscribe to multiple streaming services and don’t want any extra.

If you don’t want to rent the movie, you can also buy them from Vudu, YouTube or Amazon Prime Video. You can rent them for a very low price, and you won’t be locked into a subscription you don’t want.

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