6 Amazing Jennifer Aniston Movies On Netflix

We were treated to one of the most viral moments in 2020, a picture of Jennifer Aniston with Brad Pitt at the SAG Awards. While the world speculates about whether they are back together, true Jennifer Aniston lovers thought it only fair to compile a list of all the amazing movies that the actress has made available on Netflix.

Aniston is known for her natural, funny, and girl-next-door roles. She is also a popular star in romantic comedies, crime, and light comedies. We have compiled a list of her top Netflix films because she is always on our minds.

Six Jennifer Aniston movies are available to stream on Netflix this Month.

1. Murder Mystery

Jennifer Aniston, who is paired with Adam Sandler in this comedy about crime, puts her amazing self on center stage. They are on vacation in Europe and make a stop at a cruise birthday party for a billionaire. The couple is framed for murder at sea, and they emerge as criminal solvers. It’s a stunning scene to see the beautiful actress driving a red Ferrari during the final chase.

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2. Rumors are a part of our everyday life

Although she is charming and charming, she has a strange character when she suggests that her biological father might not be her father. She meets and falls in love with a man she has dated, her grandmother and mother, and they embark on an expedition to find out. This film is refreshing and lighthearted, especially in the middle of the week blues.

3. We are the Millers

This is the best explanation for the ‘comedy of errors.’ The comedy We’re the Millers focuses on drug-peddling activities by four strangers pretending to be family. Jennifer Aniston’s flawless sarcasm and trademark panic reactions (think Friends) are a perfect example of her stunning self-expression. It’s a light film with some emotional moments.

4. Horrible bosses

This idea probably arose from our ranting about bosses who are always in control. Three people share the same hatred for their bosses in the movie. They go one step further and hire a hitman in order to kill their bosses. This crime comedy is great for entertaining us when things don’t go according to plan. Horrible Bosses, one of her most beloved crime comedy series, is worth a look and has a sequel.

5. He’s Not That Infatuated With You

This drama-romance is based on Greg Behrendt’s bestseller of the same title. It stars Jennifer. The drama revolves around relationships between four men and five ladies. They all experience heartbreak but also learn how to deal with the complexities and joys of life. This film is a great choice if you are looking for drama, romance, humor, and a happy ending.

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6. Friends with money

An unassuming group of four friends, including Jennifer Aniston, are living in Los Angeles. However, not all are married or make the same amount of money. This is where the differences start. This is probably the best description of the film’s plot. This film is full of comedy and drama as they travel from one event to the next.

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