Jailbirds New Orleans Where Are They Now | Where Is The Cast Of Jailbirds New Orleans

Jailbirds New Orleans What’s Happening Now? Jailbirds New Orleans is an award-winning documentary series developed by Rasha Drachkovitch, an Emmy-nominated producer. In September 2021, it premiered on Netflix. Fans of the show may be asking Jailbirds New Orleans, Where Are They now? Learn more regarding Jailbirds New Orleans, Where Are They Presently, and what they are up to.

Jailbirds New Orleans

Rasha Drachkovitch, an Emmy-nominated producer, has developed the documentary series Jailbirds New Orleans. September 24, 2021, it was made available on Netflix. The desires, lives and hopes of women who are imprisoned in the Orleans Justice Center in Louisiana’s capital city are explored in this television series. The first season was released and included three episodes. The documentary showcased their bonds, fights and authentic way with the prisoners.

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Jailbirds New Orleans Cast

S.No Cast

1 Harley Himber

2 Jamie Evans

3 Magen Hall

4 Timanisha Taylor

5 Heather Trick

6 Julie Raffray

Jailbirds New Orleans Where Are They Today?

1. Harley Himber

On May 9, 2019, police arrested her after they were accused of trying to kidnap the fifteen-year-old boy. Her criminal record was swollen following this incident. Obscenity and attempted kidnapping, and probation violations were also among the charges. Harley Himber pleaded guilty to two counts of possession of narcotics in September 2018. Her plan was to enter treatment following her release in 2020.

2. Jamie Evans

Jamie Evans has been jailed for over 15 years since she was just seventeen years old. She is determined to achieve success. However, money is her addiction. This is why she has been accused of illegally possessing stolen property and four charges of simple robbery theft, and a warrant for theft. There’s no information about whether Jamie is in jail or not.

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3. Magen Hall

Magen Hall travelled to New Orleans in 2019 to enjoy Mardi Gras, a festival; however, she ended up in prison. Patrick Murphy, a businessman, was accused of murder in Magen’s hotel. CCTV footage captured her escaping with some of his belongings. Magen’s trial over charges of criminal obstruction, violent robbery and second-degree murder has been repeatedly delayed. Currently she is currently being held on a $750,000 bail within the Parish.

4. Timanisha Taylor

Timanisha Taylor was detained in 2019 and was charged with aggravated assault by firearm, the unlawful firing of a weapon and home invasion, burglary and two counts of restraining-order violations. The woman was detained in the Orleans Justice Center for about a year before being released under probation. Timanisha seems to be residing in New Orleans.

5. Heather Trick

Her first offence included possession of cocaine. Her second charge was for possession of Xanax. She was able to talk about how dependence on drugs has affected her life. She was sentenced to drug possession and jail in just one year.

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6. Julie Raffray

She’s been charged with Second-degree murder, drug-related conspiracy, as well as multiple counts of possession of narcotics to distribute, are some of the charges. She had made a deal to sell Branden the heroin she’d obtained from her dealer, and he died accidentally. Julie has admitted manslaughter in the time in the past and is in the process of awaiting a sentence.

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