Is William Lindsey Dead Or Alive? What Happened To Her?

Secrets are not meant to be revealed in the world. Be it the greatest charitable person or the roadside homeless person; secrets are well-known as a secret. That was the case with William Lindsey. William Darrell Lindsey resides in St. Augustine, Florida. Since the beginning of his career, William has faced various experiences that will be discussed in the story eventually. William was also known under various names, including “Red Bird” and “Crazy Bill’. William appeared like an ordinary family man. However, the penny turned, and he was a double-faced individual. He was convicted of crimes related to murders that occurred spontaneously and were a murderer with a passion.

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Is William Lindsey Dead Or Alive?

It’s not true; William Lindsey is no anymore. It’s been over two years since his death. But how did the whole thing begin? William began his life in 1935, in march. When William was five months old, his parents passed away in a crash, but luckily, he was saved. He was eventually given to the known as the “LINDSEY” family, who lost their infant. William was taken care of by his family, the Lindsey family from Florida.

After the year 1935, William took over his parents’ savings, which were kept for twenty years. That’s when William learned that the Lindsey family had adopted him. William’s mother demanded a part of his inheritance that was to be transferred to him since she had been taking care of William for the last twenty years. He could not bear the demands on his Adopted mother, so he quit St. Augustine and the school where he was studying, the ‘Ketterlinus High School. He was a typewriter for the company called the ‘Pulling Typewriter Company for a brief period before moving to a city away from Palatka and which was in the United States.

Based on his previous experience as a typewriter which he had, he was able to be hired by the ‘ Hudson Pulp and Paper corporation.’ While working at ‘ Hudson Pulp and Paper Corporation between 1956 and 1958, He became infatuated with a woman named Willa Jean. Later in 1958, he married the woman. The couple was pregnant that year and had a daughter called ‘Beverly.’ Willa Jean and William had three children together; the youngest of them was Robin Lindsey.

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Was William And Willa’s Relationship A Happy One?

William and Willa were in a great relationship up to a certain point. However, life has been a whirlwind for family members of the Lindsey family. The couple stopped being friends, and the relationship gradually became more and more toxic as the days got by. Willa began to develop an addiction to alcohol and was frequently considered to be aggressive, usually engaging in heated arguments with William.

A few days later, she returned back home drunk, and she decided that she would murder the children because of the father. Lindsey mentioned parting ways and taking over the care of the three girls. The dispute has turned into an emotional night for the children of Lindsey as they witnessed Willa getting the gun she had in her pocket and attempting to cause major chaos by using blackmail to convince William to kill the children. After a few days after the accident, Willa decided to take the children off from William and took them off from Palatka to Ocala National Forest.

Did William Marry Another Woman?

Things changed once the couple split up. William was acting in a different way, but Robin did not seem to notice because she loved her father most deeply and shared the strongest relationship with him. In the course of some time, William became married to an unknown woman named “Annie Laurie.” He adopted two sons from her, and they formed a loving family. After a while, the joy is ruined by the family. Annie began to treat Robin differently, resulting in a heated argument with William. Amid their argument, William became quite aggressive and eventually attacked her face with a punch.

When Did William Start Acting Different?

Robin Lindsey felt different then, but she brushed the issue by assuming that her father was a perfect father. There was no doubt that the Lindsey family was always on the run each year and William often bought an expensive car that brought the burden of money for the family.

Then, fast forward to Annie being diagnosed with Cancer, after which, after two years, she passed away. It was a devastating twist for William, and that’s when the most eye-opening information was given to Robin and her siblings, but they resisted them because of the trust earned by William. Robin is married to a SWAT officer and is now watching the hilarious behavior that her dad has displayed.

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When Was William Arrested?

On a perfect day, when Robin was out with her partner, she got an SMS on his mobile. Robin did not realize that her life would not be the same in just a few seconds because she’s been contemplating for some time. Her husband is telling her about the murder he committed and why he’s in prison for more investigation.

In the confession, one of the most shocking facts was exposed. William was able to commit these acts to express his anger towards Willa by using heavily controlled prostitutes. He’s killed Willa seven times, employing different women and then dumping their bodies in the area that was William and his kids’ fishing and camping area. In 2001 William was diagnosed with Cancer and passed away; the remainder of his remains were left in the history books.

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