Is WeCrashed’s Cameron Lautner Based on a Real Person?

“WeCrashed,” tells the thrilling account that follows Adam Neumann, the co-founder of the shared workspace company WeWork and how he develops the company to become one of the top companies in all of. The film follows his path from a struggling businessman to becoming a bigger-than-life CEO, as well as the contribution of his wife, Rebekah Neumann, in the entire process.

The show introduces a variety of intriguing characters, a lot of whom have a close relationships with actual colleagues. As the cracks begin to appear in how the business is managed, Cameron Lautner, a member of One of the venture capital companies financing the company, is adamant about Neumann and his business method. The dynamic between these two strong characters is fascinating and has us thinking about whether Cameron Lautner from ‘WeCrashed’ could be based on an actual person. We’ve found.

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Is Cameron Lautner Based on a Real Person?

This persona is Cameron Lautner, essayed by O-T Fagbenle in the show ‘WeCrashed, which is based on an actual person. In the show, Lautner has a position as a Partner of Benchmark Capital, one of the main investors in WeWork in its early days. One of the show’s opening sequences is a scene of an additional Benchmark Partner, Bruce, heading an emergency board meeting in which he confronts the WeWork CEO.

You may have noticed that the San Francisco-based venture capital company Benchmark has been, in fact, one of the first major investors in WeWork, and it was a moment when several of its partners needed to take the initiative to step in to challenge Neumann regarding some of his decisions about the business. While it is evident the character of Bruce (essayed in the film by Anthony Edwards) is at least in part based on Bruce Dunlevie, who was an executive at Benchmark and was appointed to the WeWork board in 2012. WeWork in 2012. The role of Cameron Lautner is a little more fluid compared to his real-life colleagues.

In The show, the character of Fagbenle is introduced to help bring discipline to WeWork in anticipation of the firm’s IPO (which, in fact, results in a disastrous outcome). Cameron Lautner is also shown as sceptical of WeWork’s high-spending business model that he discusses with his coworker, Bruce.

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In reality, Benchmark led WeWork’s $17 million Series-A round of seed money but ultimately was unhappy with how the company was operated under Neumann’s direction. Neumann’s massive stock sale was particularly noteworthy even with the IPO, which was eagerly anticipated. In 2017 five partners at Benchmark, including the legendary Venture capitalist Bill Gurley, arrived in New York to confront the chief executive about the problem and ask him about the company’s strategy.

According to the show’s description, the show has created the character Cameron Lautner as an amalgamation of numerous Benchmark partners to show the intricate relationship Benchmark Venture Capital was able to establish with the company and, in particular, its CEO. The heated confrontations among Lautner and Neumann in this Apple TV+ series are somewhat embellished depictions of reality. Lautner’s character Lautner although it could be a bit loosely based on an actual Benchmark partner, is more of a dramatic and metaphorical representation of the real-world Benchmark partners. The latter was opposed to Neumann’s behaviour and interactions as the chief executive officer of WeWork.

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