Is Viserys Dead in House of the Dragon? All Theories Explained!

“House of the Dragon” can be described as an HBO fantasy show that functions as a prequel to ‘ Game of Thrones. The original series is inspired by George R. Martin. Martin’s omnibus called ‘A Song of Fire and Ice The prequel is an adaptation of specific sections of Martin’s novel ‘Fire and Blood. In “House of Dragon,” it is revealed that the Targaryens have reached the peak of their power and have more dragons than they have had since the demise of Valyria. The story’s main theme is the war between civil and military, also known as the dancing of dragons. During this dance, the Targaryens are close to destroying their entire family, causing the end of the world for dragons.

Beautifully rendered, Paddy Considine, while King Viserys I Targaryen might not be among the greatest kings to be seated upon the Iron Throne, he is certainly not among the worst. However, certain choices he makes eventually lead to the demise of his dynasty 2 centuries after. In season 1, episode 5, titled ‘We Light the Way,’ Viserys is thrown to the ground in the ceremony between his daughter and the heir Rhaenyra (Emma D’Arcy as an adult and Milly Alcock in her youth) as well as Lenor Velaryon (John Macmillan as an adult, Theo Nate as young as a young man, as well as Matthew Carver as child). If you’re wondering if Viserys is still alive, here is what you should be aware of. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Is Viserys Dead?

There’s been plenty of speculation regarding the cause of Viserys” condition. Viserys has lost a few fingers, and his condition has also affected other areas of his body too. In a conversation on the Entertainment Weekly’s West of Westeros podcast in September 2022, Considine stated that his character suffers from an illness called leprosy.

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“He’s [Viserys] actually suffering from a form of leprosy,” the ‘The Outsider’ actor revealed. “His body is getting worse. The bones and his body is deteriorating. He’s not really old. There’s no way to tell if he’s an old guy within. He has this thing taking to his entire body. It’s like being King, and the stress and strain it places on you, as well as what it does to your body and how it affects your mind.”

In the fifth episode, We see Viserys suffering from his illness. He is certain he won’t be able to live forever and is determined to ensure his daughter’s future by bringing her to one of the strongest houses within Westeros. In his meeting with his present Hand Lord Lyonel Strong, he seeks confirmation that he’s been an excellent King. He was the inheritor of a kingdom of tranquillity from his grandfather of his. He can keep it in order; however, he is aware that his society only recalls the greatest tyrants and ignores the others. He is acutely conscious of his weaknesses and is aware of being viewed by others as weak, not only by the nobility but also by his family members.

Based on Considine, Viserys is a tragic character. He is a decent, decent man but a terrible King. Additionally, he is a self-centered person that is often at odds due to his perceived lack of achievement. In the novels, the wedding between Rhaenyra and Laenor was recorded in the year 114 AC, and Viserys passed away in the year 129 AC. Therefore although the show does not follow the exact timeline of the novels, Viserys has likely died by the finale of the fifth episode.

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It wasn’t until Viserys’s death that the conflict between the two sides was quickly portrayed in the novels. Alicent’s children are young in the show. However, the youngsters Rhaenyra should have when she’s married to Laenor aren’t yet born. Additionally, certain events occurred during the time between the wedding day and Viserys’s death in the book, which caused the civil war to become inevitable. For example, Alicent and Viserys’ second son, Aemond, lost one of his eyes in the fight against Rhaenyra’s kids. In conclusion, Viserys’ death was inevitable during the ‘House of the Dragon. It’s not happening in episode 5.

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