Is TikTok Star Gabe Not Babe Dead? How Did He Die?

The internet is now flooded with reports of TikTok celebrity Gabriel Salazar’s death. The fans are eager to find out the truth of the story. Gabriel was known under the nickname Gabe Not Babe on TikTok and has been said to have passed away in a car crash. Unfortunately, death hoaxes, rumors, and death hoaxes are commonplace in our times. We decided to do some digging to find the truth behind the claims. Here’s the information we came across.

Is TikTok Star Gabe Not Babe Dead?

If reports that are not confirmed by the authorities are to be confirmed, Gabriel Salazar has allegedly passed away. Rumors about his apparent death were first reported when a GoFundMe appeal was announced under the TikTok sensation’s name. Its campaign has been able to raise more than $30,000 and was shared on September 27 by Gabriel’s close friend Chris Vazquez, who wrote, “I don’t know what’s real and what’s not, but sadly, he passed through the air in a car crash September 26, we were shocked by it when we learned. We don’t really want to get into the details as it’s difficult for us to even speak about the grief the man went through. I never thought this would happen; however, now it’s happening to us.”

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Additionally to the GoFundMe campaign, Gabriel’s sister and intimate friends also shared posts about his apparent loss on the internet. In the beginning, his sister, Danna Salazar, shared a story regarding Gabriel via her Instagram page with an emotional tribute. She also shared the GoFundMe campaign’s URL on her profile on social media. In contrast, Chris Vazquez and Ricky Flores, who are said to be TikTok star’s close acquaintances, joined Instagram and shared touching messages with Gabriel.

How Did TikTok Star Gabe Not Babe Die?

Gabriel Salazar’s death is still not confirmed by sources from the official authorities. The reason for the incident is still unknown. Some reports are not confirmed via social media sites that suggest Not Babe’s death was a fatal car crash on September 26 in San Antonio, Texas. Some images say to provide the details of the crash. However, one should be aware that since the official proof is absent, most of these stories are not supported and should be taken with a pinch of salt.

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In light of the latest developments, we have concluded that even though news of Gabriel Salazar’s alleged death has been shared via social networks by acquaintances and his family, we must wait for an official confirmation. Strangely, neither major publications nor local media have been able to report on a car crash that is believed to have claimed the TikTok celebrity’s life.

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