Is the Medici Family Still Around? Where are They Today?

Starz’s ” “The Serpent Queen’ focuses on the ascendancy of Catherine de Medici. The story begins with several mishaps and childhood of poverty, and her journey toward becoming the queen of France. When she is starting from scratch, one element plays a significant role in her tale, and that is her name. The Medici name grants Catherine an opportunity to get married to the child of King France which puts Catherine in a position that will improve her life. The wedding was planned with the help of her father, Pope Clement VII, and was also known as a Medici.

Although they were among the most powerful and wealthy families in their day, at the time of Catherine’s story is about to begin at the beginning of the story, and the Medicis were now on a downward trajectory in their tale. Their status as royals and fortunes has been reduced significantly, and they are being killed by ordinary people. It is bad that Catherine is terrified of returning in Italy and is prepared to do anything to remain in France. We know that she ultimately did her best in her personal life, what happens to the other Medicis? Where are they today? Let’s find out.

Where is the Medici Family Today?

The Medicis were a banker family with humble beginnings but quickly became one of the more influential families in Europe, especially in the early part of the 15th century. Their financial power soon led to politics; eventually, they were Italian royalty. They are credited with revolutionizing banking and were patrons of the arts, encouraging Renaissance in the country.

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As their power and wealth were growing, as their wealth and power increased, their power and wealth increased, and Medicis were also growing in size and expanded their sphere of influence. The primary lineage of Medici, which were in charge of Florence as direct Descendents of Cosimo and Lorenzo de Medici, saw the last lineal descendants as Gian Gastone Medici and his wife, Anna Maria Luisa, both of whom were childless between 1737 and 1743, respectively. However, there was the cadet branch, which was scattered throughout Europe in the wake of Gian Gastone’s demise and the struggle for power that followed. These collateral branches are the ones who continue to carry the Medici name to the present world.

The most important in the Medici families are the Medici Tornaquinci and their cousins, the Medici di Ottajano. The most well-known among them is the Prince Ottaviano of Medici. In Florence, Italy, he has been the Duke Grand of Tuscany (a sovereign entity with no territorial boundaries) since 2017. Divorced at present, Ottaviano owns three sons: Cosimo, Lorenzo, and Guglielmo. He is the co-founder as well as the president of the International Medicean Association for the Protection of Arts, Sciences, and Letters. He is also co-founder and founder of Save Florence, an initiative that aims to safeguard the historical heritage of Florence, a city the Medicis have resided in for centuries.

An additional Medici who has earned recognition for reviving the family’s tradition is prince Lorenzo de Medici. He is a resident of Los Angeles but goes back and forth between Rome, and his work is likely to travel to every corner of the globe. His father, Alessandro, was an engineer and businessman. Her mother was Kristina is a descendent of the Polish aristocracy. Lorenzo is also a brother who is called Caterina. His wife was Rosemary Johnson, a real estate agent who was on TLC’s reality series “Secret Princes”. They were introduced in 2013, and they split after five years. The couple has a child called Maddalena.

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Prince Lorenzo is, like his mother, an artist. His art has been described to be “Rennaissance Pop” where he alters the portraits of the Medici rulers, with a touch of modernity. In addition to being involved in the real estate business and finance, he is also the director of Medici Bank, which aims ” to promote the global economy by reducing friction in banking and payments.” He is a Knight of the Martirano Order and General Prior of the St. Martin of Beatitudes Order. He is involved in numerous non-profits and charities, seeking to “make the nobility a useful service to the less fortunate.”

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