Is the FLDS Still Active? If yes, where?

The Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (or simply FLDS Church) is a religious sect of fundamentalist Mormons. It was founded in the 1950s. Along with the Short Creek community (which includes the twin cities of. Hildale, Utah and Colorado City (Arizona). This religious sect practices the ancient concept of polygamy. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church) excommunicated the founder members of FLDS in 1890. The LDS Church strongly opposes the plural marriage. The FLDS Church was created when mainstream Mormonism banned polygamy.

Joseph F. Smith, President of the LDS Church, stated clearly in the “Second Manifesto” that the Church would no longer approve marriages that are against the law. The manifesto also stated that polygamous marriages and those solemnizing them would be excommunicated. Southern Poverty Law Center has labeled the FLDS Church as a hate group. Center strongly criticizes Warren Jeffs, the former leader of FLDS Church. His views on “Blacks and women, gays,” violence, and the end of the world are all heavily criticized. He is viewed as homophobic, antigovernment and totalitarian. This group is considered a polygamous cult.

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Is the FLDS still active?

The FLDS church continues to exist today, despite the backlash from various groups, religious communities and government agencies. Warren Jeffs, the former leader of the group, is still referred to as the “prophet” or leader of the religious group. According to some sources, Warren is still in charge of the day-to-day operations at the Church.

The Texas authorities officially seized the Yearning for Zion (YFZ) land of 1,700 acres that had been used previously by the FLDS community in April 2014. The FLDS community was located in Custer County in 2021. According to reports and studies, Warren’s brother Seth and 20 other ex-members of the FLDS community purchased the barren property that was up for sale in February 2021.

FLDS Documentaries Published

Wild Country and the FLDS community have strong community principles. This helps to increase followers’ loyalty. People who don’t follow the Church doctrine have been subject to severe punishments by the community. The Netflix documentary Keep Sweet: Pray and Obey, which was recently released on Netflix, explains the hardships faced by women in the FLDS community.

The FLDS Church teaches women that disobeying their husbands, the prophet, or their family will endanger their chances of being saved after their death. Jeffs still runs the Church from prison and still has control over his followers. The community members still follow his strict guidelines and rules. Jeff’s sermons are uncompromising. Some members of the FLDS community even visit Jeffs. Warren’s speeches and messages are relayed to FLDS members through phone recordings and handwritten notes.

Warren Jeffs: Who are you?

Warren Steed Jeffs, an American religious leader and convicted child rapist, is Warren Steed Jeffs. He is the principal man behind the FLDS Church. Although he is currently in prison, he is believed to still be the President of the Church that still adheres to a polygamous denomination. The FLDS community strongly supports plural marriage. According to sources, this community often forces underage women into marriages with older men. According to studies, Warren Jeffs has 78 wives.

Warren Jeff, the spiritual leader of the FLDS church, is considered a prophet. He is responsible for all marriages that fall under the FLDS community. He can punish his followers even by “reassigning their wives and children” to other men.

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Warren Jeffs in Prison: Why?

Warren Jeffs is currently in prison for sexually assaulting a 12-year-old girl. In the same case, he is also required to pay a $10,000 fine. Jeffs was sentenced to a 20-year term for sexually assaulting the 15-year-old victim. Both victims were forced to marry the leader. Jeffs was arrested in 2007. Jeffs will remain behind bars until July 22, 2038.

He has been the subject of many cases. His nephew Brent Jeffs filed suit against him in July 2004. Warren was accused of anally raping his child when he was just 5-6 years old. Warren also tortured his children. His victims include several children and women. Warren Jeffs tried to end his own life many times before. He’s even been on long hunger strikes. He was admitted to the hospital for a temporary medical-induced stupor in 2011.

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