Is Spree Based on a True Story

If you’re still not able to get sufficient from Steve Harrington in the latest season of Stranger Things, there’s some positive and negative news to report. Good news: Spree is available on Hulu and stars Steve Harrington actor Joe Keery. The downside is that he’s an insane Uber driver who kills his passengers and streams the film via social networks.

This isn’t the adorable babysitter you’ve grown to love and adore. It’s a cocky self-centred killer. Written by Eugene Kotlyarenko, who also co-wrote the script along with Gene McHugh, this horror comedy premiered during the 20th Sundance Film Festival to mixed reviews. The basic premise of the film is: Kurt Kunkle really, really is determined to make it viral. He is able to find employment as a driver of a ride-share service and then film himself inflicting harm on his passengers using the free “water” that he gives them.

In this day and day and age of rideshares, in which we are all able to ride with strangers with no thought, it’s definitely an incredibly terrifying idea. With the bizarre home video camera and dash cam work — sort like The Blair Witch Project-It’s the kind of thing that seems as if it could actually be real. Particularly if someone on Tik Tok were to use an image from the Spree film and claim it to be authentic. But, rest assured knowing that Spree isn’t inspired by a real story.

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Are the characters in Spree inspired by a true or true story?

No. Spree is a novel composed by screenwriters Eugene Kotlyarenko and Gene McHugh. It’s a film that is fictionalized by Hollywood and features Hollywood actors. While there are real-life tales about Uber drivers who have been found guilty of murder, however, there’s no actual “Uber driver murder spree” that is comparable to the storyline of Spree.

But, Keery did do an extensive amount of research on both Uber/Lyft drivers and social media influencers to prepare for the part. in the course of an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Keery stated that he used rides every day for work in order to enter the mind of the driver and to be observant of “little habits [the drivers] may have in their manner of introducing themselves, and the things they say.”

In addition, although Keery didn’t mention particular influencers that drove his ego-driven character to his list, he did state that the director had sent him “a 35-45 minutes compilation video of the various individuals who led him to play the character.” Keery added that it was the people who didn’t succeed who helped him most. “People who are at or below the single in the single digits. They have a lot in common like Kurt as they’re trying to get some momentum.”

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While the story of Spree isn’t an actual story, it’s also real that Keery and Kotlyarenko made every effort in order to create a character that could seem real. It is safe to know you know that Kurt Kunkle isn’t out there waiting to take your ride-sharing request. Don’t believe everything you read via Tik Tok, kids.

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