Is Sons of Sam a True Story? Is It Based on a Serial Killer?

Every serial killer has a unique nickname. A name that matches their personality, whether they are a psychopath or sociopath. Sons of Sam is a name you may have heard a few times. Netflix, The documentary, titled The Sons of Sam – A Descent Into Darkness, was released in 2021.

David Berkowitz was a serial killer. Sons of Sam was his name because he mentioned it repeatedly in letters to the police and talked about it during interviews with officials. Evidently, he believed there was some power behind his deeds. Many people are curious if this is a true story. We will answer the question: Are the sons of Sam true stories?

Is Sons of Sam a True Story?

David Berkowitz was an infamous serial killer who murdered six people and injured around 11. Berkowitz would target young black women with long, wavy hair. He also killed them in their cars. He spoke about the sons and daughters of Sam and claimed that he was simply following the instructions given to him. David Berkowitz, who was arrested in 1975, claimed that he was part of a cult that would follow Satan as a deity. According to Berkowitz, his neighbor’s dog had been possessed by a demon. He was simply following the dog’s orders and would kill young women to give the dog the blood. He said that other members of his cult were involved in the killings, but he cannot name them because it could harm his family.

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He took the names John and Michael Carr and declared that they were sons of Sam. John and Michael Carr were both the sons and daughters of Sam Carr, who was also the neighbor and dog owner. However, John and Michael Carr died. John Carr was killed in a car accident in 1979, while Michael Carr died in an apparent suicide shooting. David Berkowitz’s mental condition prevented him from being competent to stand trial. The police were unable to locate any other suspects in David Berkowitz’s murders when he was arrested.

Although police confirmed David Berkowitz to have had assistance, other people were also present. However, until the end of the investigation, it was not possible to determine if any other persons or members may have assisted or worked with David Berkowitz. A 2015 video showed David Berkowitz saying that he would hear voices from a devil and that the devil would command him to kill dogs. The media made up the story about the dog, but it was false.

Psychologists and police officers have stated that David Berkowitz fabricates the story of the sons from Sam. According to police officers, David can recall every detail of his crimes. If it had been a devil, this would be impossible. John E. Douglas, an expert on the case, stated that David was a loner who wanted to be part of something. Dr. Harvey Schlossberg, a psychologist, also stated that David’s claim to be a satanic cult was a fantasy because of his past. There have been no events or proofs to prove that the sons and daughters of Sam are real.

The Netflix series focused on Maury Terry’s search, an investigative journalist. Maury Terry believes the theory of the sons-of-Sam is true and that there are many layers to the truth. He learns about various cults and truths. He was well-known and followed by many. Although we don’t know if David Berkowitz’s claims were true, the truth was dark and terrifying. Maury Terry tried to uncover the truth, but it wasn’t easy. So it remains unanswered if the sons were real.

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Is David Berkowitz Dead?

David Berkowitz, who will be 69 years old in 2022, is still alive and in prison. He was scheduled to be paroled in 2020, but Covid-19 prevented him from getting it.

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