Is Ram Setu Movie Based on a True Story Or Accumulated with Myths

Ram Setu’s trial is underway, and we can’t keep our heads down. The film, which Amazon Prime Productions produced, is set for release on October 25, 2022. Ram Setu is directed by Abhishek Singh and stars Akshay Kumar (Nushrratt Bharucha), Jacqueline Fernandez, Satya Devi, and Jacqueline Fernandez. The movie tells the story of Akshay Kumar, an archaeologist who discovers the nature of Adam’s Bridge.

Most people are familiar with Ram Setu. But this section will provide some detail for those who want to know more. Ram Setu is called natural limestone, a bridge made of limestone that runs from Rameshwaram’s Island in Tamil Nadu to Mannar Islands in Srilanka. This bridge is said to connect both India and Srilanka. In its life, the Setu has witnessed a lot of history. It was above the ocean in the 15 century and is now 1 meter below it (making navigation difficult today). A documentary was released by one of the U.S. television channels, claiming that the bridge could also have been human-made. Many myths surround Ram Setu.

Is the film based on the true story of Ram Setu, or is it a fictional portrayal of the bridge? This is the question that brought us here. Here’s the truth.

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Is Ram Setu Movie Based on a True Story?

The film’s story will be about an archaeologist trying to find out if the bridge is real and, if so, how it got there. Vikram Malhotra (the film’s C0 producer) has said that although the film may not be based upon a true story, the facts presented in the film will be historical and scientific. This suggests that the film will be fictional, but some facts and events might be true.

What does this all mean? This is why Abhishek Sharma, the director of Ram-Setu, has been working on this story since 2007. Did something inspire him? Sharma was inspired to make a movie after he heard about ‘Ram-Setu.’ It was also evident that Abhishek Sharma was inspired to make the film by true events.

History tells us (in Ramayana) that Ram Setu was built by Rama’s Army Of Vanars so that Ram could reach Srilanka and rescue Sita Mata, who Ravana kidnaped.

The film was also shot in Srilanka. The ‘Mahurat Shot,’ which was also filmed at Ayodhya, the Birthplace of Lord Rama. Akshay Kumar also said, “Let’s endeavor to keep alive Ram’s ideals in the consciousnesses of all Bharatiyas.”

The film may be fictional and the characters fictional, but the events depicted in the film will be true because India’s rich history inspires them.

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Historical Background

The history of the Ram-Setu Bridge is important to understand the film. The Island of Rameshwaram was created 125,000 years ago. According to some studies, it may have evolved between 7,000 and 18,000 years ago. New studies that are based on the bridge indicate it was created between 600 and 800 years ago.

An Ancient Land Bridge episode aired on What On Earth, a science channel. They discovered Ram-Setu’s existence in this episode. NASA collaborated with the channel and, using satellite imagery, proved Ram-Setu existed. Although the sand may be natural, the limestones that surround it were brought from far away and manually adjusted to make the bridge. The bridge’s rocks are approximately 7000 years old, while the sand is about 4000 years.

Online Ram Setu Movies

The film will be released the day after Diwali (October 25, 2022). Amazon produced the film, so it will be released in theatres. The film will also release on Amazon Prime Video for viewers to view (a little later than the theatre release).

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