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Starz’s Power Book III: Raising Kanan was created by Sascha Penn. It tells the story of Kanan Stark (Mekai Cutis) as a young man. In the 1990s, he grew up in South Jamaica and Queens. His upbringing deeply influenced him.

Raq’s mother runs a successful drug business in her local community with the support of Lou Lou and Marvin. Kanan is initially presented as a bright, promising student but he soon becomes involved in crime. Part of his motivation is to protect his mother.

“Raising Kanan” is a candid portrayal of violence and power struggles in New York’s troubled streets. We have you covered if you wonder if ‘Raising Kanan” is based on true events.

Is Raising Kanan a Real Story?

Raising Kanan” is loosely inspired by a true story. It is part of the growing power franchise. This series was the second spin-off and the first prequel to ‘Power’. It aired on Starz from 2014 through 2020. Curtis Jackson (50 Cent), executive producer of all shows in the “Power” universe, said to Sky News that he and his co-workers drew on their past experiences while creating ‘Raising Kanan.’ This includes the scene where Raq tells Kanan that he must fight his bullies.

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The rapper said that these are real experiences. “I was roughed up in a park before my mother sent me back, so I went back to fight them rather than dealing with my mom.” It changes how you see the world. I won’t go back to my mom whining for her to send it back. I’ll handle it before she discovers that I’m afraid or scared of the other person. This was a significant change in my character at the beginning.

Jackson spoke out about their plans for the prequel in the same interview. Jackson stated, “To show all his trauma and all the things he – these things make you who you want to be, I believe that.” He also spoke about the prequel’s plans for Jackson’s character. “So, you can see all the things he’s been through that made him that.”

Courtney A. Kemp and Jackson, who created ‘Power’, found the right person to create the prequel. “Courtney is a friend, and 50 is also a friend. They came to me with this idea. They were using Goodfellas to create the story. I asked them what they thought, and they told me that Penn was able to come up with an intriguing, compelling origin story.

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The series concludes by exploring various aspects of modern society, from crime to love to families to corruption, racial inequalities, and isolation. “Power Book III: Raising Kanan” has bits of reality and is likely to be a better story.

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