Is Pirate Gold of Adak Island Fake or Real: Hilarious Theories and Reactions   

   There are shows people love, and there are others that they are not. The Netflix docuseries Pirate Gold of Adak Island has been a hit. Rarely do we see a show in which people dig deep to find gold coins. The show’s creators have proven that it’s possible.    

   Netflix has shown the series in its captivating and dramatic style. Some love it, but not all. Many viewers believe everything in Pirate Gold of Adak island is fake. It’s all scripted. They don’t believe there is any gold beneath. 

Is Pirate Gold of Adak Island Fake or Real? Reddit is a great place to find different theories and reactions. Redditors shared their opinions on the bizarre docuseries about gold-digging islands.

Username ‘u/catcantcat” asked: “Anyone watch that stuff on Netflix?” Ha. They have a wood detector. “Ha!” The reply section buzzes with many responses.    

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Is Pirate Gold of Adak Island Fake or Real

     One person shared that they found two gold coins. They suck at treasure hunt tho, and the one lady is annoying af.” Another shared that the show felt scripted. “I don’t understand their reasoning most often.” It’s a reality TV show. It’s scripted bullsh*t, just like any other reality show. To fill a season, they have to drag stuff out.    

   A user commented, “I am 100% convinced that they planted those gold coins so people wouldn’t feel like they wasted eight episodes for nothing.”    

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You can check out the Reddit thread about Pirate Gold of Adak Island.    

   It has been immensely popular with the public. Even the negative publicity has helped others to see what’s happening. There are good chances that Netflix will make the most of this and bring it back for another season.    

   You can watch the show on Netflix.    

   What were your reactions to the docuseries, and what are your theories? Are you a fan of a second season? Please leave your comments below. 

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