‘Is OutDaughtered Still On’: Adam and Danielle Busby Say Their TLC Show Wasn’t Canceled, Explain Why They’re Taking a Break From Filming  

Do not expect the new seasons from the show OutDaughtered The OutDaughteredon TLC shortly. Adam and Danielle Busby recently opened up about what’s next for their reality show for their family that hasn’t been removed but is currently in suspension. The couple – parents of six daughters and seven quintuplets, announced that they have taken time off from their show as they “regroup as a family.”

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“OutDaughtered” hasn’t been cancelled, as per Busby.

The latest seasons from OutDaughtered The new episodes of OutDaughteredlast air in the month of May 2021. Since that time, fans of the show, which follows the Busby’s lives as an eight-member family, are thinking about when – or even when – or if.

In an earlier Youtube film, Adam and Danielle explained that they’d made the decision to take a break from the production of outdaughtered, at least for the time being.

“The show didn’t end up being cancelled,” Adam said. However, after the rigours that came with filming during the COVID-19 pandemic, Adam and his wife realized that their entire family needed an interruption.

“It was an enormous strain on everyone else,” he added.

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The balance between filming and the demands of the family was a struggle.

The first episode of OutDaughteredpremiered in 2016 in the year of the quintuplets; they were still infants, as well. Adam and Danielle’s oldest daughter, Blayke, was four years old. They are entering the first grade, and Blayke is going to middle school. It was a whirlwind between school, filming activities, sports, and extracurricular activities.

“We’d return home and be given a short amount of time during which we could be filming something or had to get ready for sporting events,” Adam said of working during last season. “We made it through last season, and we thought”, I believe that everyone, the crew comprising, could use a break.”

Danielle said she agreed, saying they believed that God wanted to tell them that they were required to “heal for a bit.”

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The Busbys haven’t ruled out the possibility of a return to the show OutDaughtered.’

The Busbys do not have a firm plan to begin shooting the show OutDaughtered again. However, they’re not dissuading returning to television.

“We’re trying to keep the doors open,” Adam said. “There’s no grudges or discord between us, the network, or the production.”

“We’re still talking with the network, and we’re in contact directly with them,” Dad of 6 said.

In the meantime, the ability is able to enjoy more quality time with the family without the cameras has left the feeling of family “revived and replenished,” Danielle said. “It’s beneficial for us.”

“We’re eager to discover the place God will take us in the future,” she added. “We aren’t sure what’s in store for us in the near future.”

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