Is Noah Schnapp Gay | Fans’ Reactions To This!

One of the unanswered issues at the core of Stranger Things is how Will’s sexuality is dealt with on the show. Fans (sort of) received an answer in two emotional scenes from the newly released fourth season series. One was with Noah Schnapp‘s character and his brother Jonathan ( Charlie Heaton), and the other between Will and his close buddy Mike ( Finn Wolfhard). Although both referred to Will’s desires, the specifics of the nature of those desires hadn’t been given until recently.

“It was always kind of there, but you never really knew. Is it just him growing up slower than his friends?” Schnapp stated in a recent interview for Variety. “Now that he’s grown older, they’ve made it a real fact. It’s now 100% certain that he’s gay and loves Mike. However, before that the show, there was an incredibly slow progression. I believe it’s perfect, as it’s so simple to make an individual character that can the character suddenly be gay.”

Schnapp claimed his character’s “jealousy” over Mike’s relationship with Eleven ( Millie Bobby Brown) causes his tears to speak out. “Sometimes when you’re different, you feel like a mistake,” an emotional Will says to Mike, who doesn’t appear to grasp the gravity of his words. “This scene was really important for him because it solidified that truth: that he loves his best friend and doesn’t know how to tell him,” Schnapp stated about his character.

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Is Noah(Will) From Stranger Things Gay?

There have been times when Schnapp was known to dodge questions regarding Will’s sexuality and said the matter would be “up to the audience’s interpretation.” The actor affirms that this was done to keep the reveal in season four of the show. “I believe it’s pretty obvious that this season Will is in love with Mike. They’ve deliberately pulled out that storyline over the past couple of seasons.” Schnapp told Variety. “Even in season one, they mentioned the possibility and gradually pushed the story forward. In season 4, I think I was the only one as the character that loves his best friend but is struggling to decide if he’ll be loved or not or feeling like a failure and that he’s not part of the family. Will always felt that way.”

The emotional exchange between Will and Jonathan that sees Jonathan’s older brother tells the younger brother that “there’s absolutely nothing in this world that could change” their relationship was an important final-minute change. “It’s also very important for people to see that Will is not alone–because all we ever see of him is struggling and feeling depressed and that he can’t be himself,” Schnapp explained. “Jonathan is speaking to him using code. It’s the ideal way to convey to people similar to Will that he is concerned about himself and accepts his feelings regardless of what. I believe it was healthy.”

For the finale of Stranger Things, Schnapp said that the Duffer Brothers are planning to “focus more on Will,” and he’s hoping for a real “coming-out scene” for his character.

The interview also addressed the fact that Schnapp was also able to address his small beef online with Doja Cat. The dispute began when the actor of 17 posted private messages that the rapper left him regarding her love interest with the character of his Stranger Things costar Joseph Quinn.

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After Doja Cat protested at Schnapp’s posting the images and acknowledged his apology on TikTok and revealed to Variety that the rapper had been “super unserious on social media.” Schnapp added, “I posted that not considering it too much; however, it clearly caused her pain. Therefore, I apologized, and she was very happy about the apology and said, “I’m sorry about what I did. The whole thing was right. I love her. I’m the biggest fan of her music, and I’ve even told her so.”

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