Is Mysaria Pregnant in House of the Dragon?

HBO’s “House of the Dragon” is a prequel series and spin-off series of “Game of Thrones.” It tells the story of the bloody war of succession between the two factions of the Targaryen dynasty. The series’ first episodes set the stage for the great storm ahead. Small decisions over the years led to a catastrophe that caused a domino effect and led to the destruction of an entire empire.

Maria, a Japanese-born British actress Sonoya Mizuno portrays the role. She is expected to play a crucial role in the next war. She is Daemon Targaryen’s confidante and mistress (Matt Smith). Episode 2, entitled “The Rogue Prince,” claims Maria is pregnant. This is the truth. These are the spoilers.

Is Maria Pregnant?

‘House of the Dragon’ is based on some sections of George R. R. Martin’s 2018 book Fire & Blood. This book serves as a prequel and sequel to the acclaimed author’s ongoing opus opus ‘A Song of Ice and Fire. Maria traveled to Dragonstone with Daemon following his removal from his position of heir to King Viserys II Targaryen. They spent six months together, Mysaria becoming pregnant.

After learning of the pregnancy, Daemon purchased a dragon egg and presented it to the child to be placed in its cradle. The Targaryens were at their peak power during the reign of Viserys II. There were more dragons than ever since the Doom of Valyria. This period saw the birth of a custom that placed dragon eggs in the cradles of newborn royal children. Viserys I, however, saw his brother as an insult for following the Targaryen tradition of placing dragon eggs in the cradles of newborn royal children. Maria was a concubine. Rhea Royce was Daemon’s wife. She is also known as the “Bronze Bitch”, which he almost abandoned.

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Viserys told Daemon to send Mysaria the dragon egg and to return it to him. Daemon obeyed his brother’s orders and sent Mysaria to Lys, where she was from. She then flew to Runestone, which is the ancestral seat for the House Royce. Maria lost her child while traveling to Lys. Daemon was deeply hurt by the news and began to resent his brother.

Things turn out differently in “House of the Dragon.” Daemon steals the egg Rhaenyra (Milly Alcock) chose for her brother Baelon from the Dreamfyre’s clutch. The egg’s origin is not mentioned in the book. Daemon and Mysaria were present at Dragonstone then, and the ancestral seat for the Targaryen families has its own hatcheries. It is therefore presumed that it came from Dragonstone and not Dragonpit as depicted in the series.

This plot twist doesn’t end there. It turns out that Maria isn’t pregnant in “House of the Dragon,” making the whole thing appear like a juvenile attempt by Daemon to get his brother’s attention. It makes Mysaria a target for court intrigue. Later, she tells Daemon she didn’t come to him seeking Power, station, or gold, but she came to be freed.

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The background of Mysaria has also been changed to make the show more interesting. These changes will have an impact on the storyline in the upcoming episodes. In the show, Daemon doesn’t have nearly as many reasons as in the book to be resentful of his brother. However, relationships can be complicated and can change at any moment. The second episode of House of the Dragon reveals the depth of love Daemon has for both his brother and niece. This is a fitting conclusion to the story.

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