Is Murray Goldberg (the Dad) Dead? Why Did Jeff Garlin Leave the Show

Directed in the voice of Jeff Garlin, Murray Goldberg is one of the most prominent characters from the initial season of ABC sitcom “The Goldbergs. He is the father of the family, which includes Beverly’s (Wendi McLendon-Covey) husband and Adam (Sean Giambrone), Barry (Troy Gentile) along with Erica’s (Hayley Orrantia) father.

Murray sitting in his recliner chair has been one of the most memorable images of ‘The Goldbergs. Through the course of the show, the family has endured many changes and ups and has dealt with these in the typical Goldberg way. Murray’s absence marked the 10th season’s premiere. If this has caused you to think about the future of Garlin in the series, we have your back. We’ll reveal spoilers in the coming days.

Does Murray Goldberg (the Dad) Is Murray Goldberg (the Dad) Dead?

Season 10, episode 1 begins exactly like the rest of the episode of the show ‘The Goldbergs’beginning with the narration voiceover by the character of an older Adam (Patton Oswalt) who informs viewers about Murray’s passing. “Just just a few months ago, seemingly out of the blue, I lost my father,” he states. “We are forever grateful for you, Dad. Always. We’ll figure out ways to stay with each other. For, in the end, We’re all” the Goldbergs.”

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The rest of the show devotes itself to Murray and how his passing affects the others in the family. At first look, Beverly seems alright. However, we discover that she’s kept Murray’s clothes in her closet. Following Erica’s suggestions, she decides to let her clothes go, but his daughter gets emotional when she discovers that Beverly has lost Murray’s chair, too. After recognizing her error, Beverly spends the rest of the episode looking for the chair, with Erica, Virginia Kremp (Jennifer Irwin), and Bill Lewis’ (David Koechner) assistance.

In Barry, the grieving character, the pain is evident in the scene when Adam plays pranks on his brother to believe that Barry (Barry) can hear voices that tell him to create an artificial baseball field, as in the film ‘Field Of Dreams. It’s only when Barry’s family members and JTP, JTP” explain it to Barry that Adam recognizes that her brother’s affection for this Kevin Costner film and attempt to construct a baseball field in their backyard is a result of the desire of the older boy to visit their father for the last time.

Many of you already know that the show “The Goldbergs ” is an inspiration for the creator of the series, Adam F. Goldberg’s childhood, and his family. The Muray Goldberg of real life died in February of 2008.

Why did Jeff Garlin Leave The Goldbergs?

In December 2021, when the production of the ninth season was nearing its conclusion, Garlin left the show in the wake of allegations of misconduct. According to reports, this was after an agreement. To make up for his absence on set, the team of production employed CGI as well as unusual takes as well as footage and dialogues which were already recorded.

When speaking to Entertainment Weekly in August 2022, the show’s co-showrunner Alex Barnow clarified that Garlin would not be a part of the show’s tenth season. “Well Garlin is not on the show, evidently,” he explained. “[Murrayhas passed away, and we’re in the point of being several months since his passing. The family has already been grieving in a different way than Pops George Segal, and the beginning of season 9 in which they’re dealing with the loss kind of fresh.”

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Barnow added, “This is going to be a family who hasn’t reconciled to the knowledge that their father is gone, but has moved on and been through some of the issues. This is why we’re beginning with optimism for the baby’s arrival and looking forward toward the near future. This is an opportunity to create to explore this fascinating emotional background to explain how people are acting. However, Jeff will not be part of the show this year, and thus far, the stories are mostly looking ahead instead of reflecting back.”

When asked to confirm if Garlin was aware that the character was dying in his mind, Barnow responded, “I’ve had a conversation with Jeff and he’s aware the character isn’t being replaced. In reality, I’m not sure if Jeff knows the fate of his character however, I’m guessing that the latter is the correct answer. We haven’t had another conversation since the start of the writing process that he could have any particular clarity on this.”

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