Is Moana Dead? Did Moana Die In The Storm?

Is Moana Dead? Moana is among the most famous films that were released in 2016, and there is an intriguing idea to suggest that Moana has died in the film. If you’re wondering if Moana is dead or alive is alive, then you’re at the right spot. Find out more about whether Moana is Dead, as well as other information.

Is Moana Dead?

We’ve all heard of Moana as the main character of the movie of the same name in 2016. Moana is a warrior on her iconic hero’s quest. In addition, she braves the sea, saves the whiny demigod in an ancient quest, proves a Wayfinder, and defends her people from disaster at a time when their lives are close to dying. What you might not have realized is that Moana might be dead for the duration of the film. What’s the reason for this way? Continue reading to learn details about Moana and why she may be dead in the film.

Is Moana Dead in the Movie?

Moana is among the most well-loved animated Disney films in recent times. Its focus is not on the main character meeting an enchanting prince to lift her spirits. However, it is more about exploring herself, discovering herself, and enjoying life by herself. There’s a darker fan theory that lurks behind every amazing film. Even Disney movies for children aren’t immune from this.

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Did Moana Die?

Disney is famous for making many of the best-beloved films for children, including films that date back years before. Despite its typically lighthearted tone, there are often fan theories that surface that hint at deeper truths beneath the surface. There’s nothing in a Disney movie that’s 100% risk-free. There is a fan theory regarding the 2016 film Moana that suggests that the movie’s heroine dies within the first couple of seconds. This could sound sinister; however, it’s just an idea that’s popular!

According to the January 2021 Reddit fan theory from Occams and Toothbrush, Moana dies in the storm at the start of the film. The theory is based on the fact that when Moana is lost during the typhoon, she only has interactions with gods, demigods, and mythical creatures for the remainder of the film, particularly Maui and the Kakamora and Te Ka, but no human characters until near the very end. Another hypothesis is Moana is either transported or killed after being trapped by the storm and then is buried in purgatory or in a mythological realm of gods.

Did Moana Die in the Storm?

The theory is further justification for the notion that, according to Maui, the human being should have no chance of being able to reach Lalotai or which is the Realm of Monsters, in the same way, and in the same way Moana did. If Moana was not alive, she might be able to get to this faraway location without difficulty.

Moana communicates with her parents, Chief Tui and Sina, as well as her grandmother of her, Gramma Tala, after the devastating storm. The most important event which affects all the family members following the storm’s devastating impact is the loss of Gramma Tala. At that time, the elderly woman gives the girl her necklace, which includes the heart of Te Fiti. The only thing that has the power to revive Te Fiti and save Motunui is a necklace that purportedly has the ability to bring the possibility of life.

If the theory that Moana was dead for the whole time she was traveling across the Pacific Ocean is correct, it’s possible that Gramma Tala, who was on the brink of death, had a glimpse of Moana in her sleep and managed to offer Moana the necklace which enabled her to return to life following her mission to deliver Maui “across the ocean” While the general fan theory is plausible, Hei Hei the chicken is perhaps the most confusing part. He seems to be in a position to follow Moana around without worrying all throughout the film. Some believe that the chicken is a demigod or a spirit guide that plays a significant role in the thrilling journey of Moana across Polynesia.

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In the entire movie, Moana demonstrates the kind of superhuman toughness that is typically found in superheroes, never suffering a physical injury in post-storm confrontations. The only time she seems to be in serious danger is when she is struck by an object while trying to escape from Maui’s cave, which Redditor calls an experience of psychosomatic pain.

Moana’s dialogue with her grandmother and grandmother, who can only speak in a bodily way after she “passes through the storm’, or dies, is perhaps the most convincing piece of evidence. According to the story, since she is also dead, they are able to converse.

Fan’s Reaction to The Theory

Some of her admirers have pointed out that the loss of her grandmother is a fascinating flaw in the “Moana was dead” argument.

“But her grandmother is ghostly,” one person said.

“Makes no sense. In the end, she returns home to her family,” one of them said. “If she had not passed away at all, she must have been with her grandma.”

Some people were not thrilled with the idea!

“You just ruined my day,” one person said.

“I am shaking,” said another.

“Nope, L.O.L. The whole thing is useless,” she said. “So the huge family reunion, in the end, was all their spirits gathered? It’s complete nonsense. She’s trying to help give the god goddess the heart to restore life on the island. She’s doing it while alive.”

“Don’t let the kids know about it. My granddaughter is a fan of hers. I think I’ve seen the film more than 30 times.” she added.

How Old is Moana?

The Disney cartoon character Moana voiced by the voice actor Auli’iCravalho plays an ideal role model for the child of the chief. She fights for her people’s rights. Moana is a sailboat driven by her passion for her home country. Moana is strong, confident, independent, and courageous However, there’s something the film does not reveal about her age: hers. She’s in her teens, at the very least. Moana is a princess 16 years old. Suzanne Francis’ children’s literature adaptation of the film discloses this fact.

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