Is Michelle Carter a Lesbian or Bisexual | Did She Have a Girlfriend?

The Girl from Plainville The Girl from Plainville’ follows the tragic story of Conrad Roy’s passing through suicide and the character that his girlfriend played at that time, Michelle Carter. A re-telling of The “texting-suicide case,” this miniseries explores the events that led up to the tragedy and the personal lives of the teens in the middle. Each of Michelle and Conrad seems to be very lonely. While Conrad is suffering from Depression, Michelle has bouts of social anxiety. That intrigues her friends (outside her relationship with Conrad).

There’s been speculation about Michelle Carter’s sexual orientation and whether she may have been with a woman at some point. Certain reports also draw attention to Michelle’s haircut in ‘The Girl from Plainville is about her losing a friend who believes Michelle has a crush on her. We know the possibility that Michelle Carter is a lesbian.

Is Michelle Carter a Lesbian?

One of the numerous signs that were mentioned in the discussion about Michelle as a possible gay was her fascination with ‘Glee”s lead star Lea Michele and her on-screen and off-screen relationships and relationship with Cory Monteith. According to the Hulu miniseries, Michelle also referred to the actress as her “woman crush Wednesday” on several instances on various social platforms. But this is it’s own is not enough to be taken as a warning that ‘Glee’ has an impressive fan base, and Michelle was just a teenager when she made the tweets.

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Michelle has a good friend named Alice Felzmann, with whom she played softball on a team that traveled in 2012. They became very close and would have regular nighttime visits about every other week. But, at some time, Alice stopped responding to Michelle, and their relationship was subsequently cut off. Actually, this issue is also explored in the film “The Girl from Plainville, in which the character Susie apparently draws inspiration from Alice.

In the show, Susie is a bit sour following her claim that Michelle is in love with her. While Michelle’s close relationship with Alice might be interpreted as an additional factor, it’s surely not sufficient evidence to comment on the sexuality of the other.

Did Michelle Carter Have a Girlfriend?

While there isn’t any proof that Michelle is an actual lesbian, it seems that she is attracted to Alice. In messages sent to a friend, which later became public, Michelle wrote about Alice in a message that read, “I’m obsessed with her as if I can’t stop. Whenever I hear a love song, or whatever it is, she’s the one I’m thinking of.” Another text message read, “I thought it was something that happened at first, and I believed we were great friends. We started talking as an actual relationship, and we started being flirty and such. Like, IDK if I am bi. It’s because I’ve never had that kind of relationship with a girl, I could honestly say.”

Alice’s mother was aware of the frequent communication between her daughters and Michelle and decided to stop it, and Alice eventually agreed. A year later, an envelope with what appeared to be a handwritten “love letter” from Michelle was delivered to Alice. In the following days, Michelle also spoke about Alice in terms of romance and claimed that she had been in “her first kiss” with her. Alice and her mother have said that the relationship between Alice and Michelle wasn’t physical.

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Furthermore, Christine Monahan, who played soccer with Michelle in the past, also stated that Michelle was “obsessed” with her. When discussing Michelle, Christine said, “I always felt she loved me way more than I loved her.” In the end, it’s not entirely accurate to claim that Michelle was in a relationship of love with Alice and Christine. But, in Alice’s case, Michelle did feel a connection with certain women she dated as well as believing she had a romantic relationship between her and Christine.

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