Is Melissa O’Neil’s Lucy Chen Leaving The Rookie?

The fifth season of ABC’s procedural show is the Rookie’ and follows Lucy Chen’s undercover mission to Tim Bradford. Rosalind Dyer escapes prison to try and kill Chris Sanford while she is in Los Angeles. Lucy takes care of her boyfriend after the mission. Meanwhile, she is offered a life-altering career opportunity.

Lucy decides to stay with Chris, but her friends and family aren’t ready to let her pass. The viewers are naturally curious as to whether Lucy’s possible departure from Los Angeles will open the door for Melissa O’Neil’s departure. Let us tell you everything about it! SPOILERS BEFORE.

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What happened to Lucy Chen?

Lucy and Bradford are undercover agents to take down a drug lord in the first episode of the fifth series. A member of the undercover academy met Lucy and offered her a job at the institution. Chris is still healing from his injuries, so Lucy declines the chance to be there for him. Rosalind hurt Chris in an attempt to revenge on her. She doesn’t want him to suffer the same fate. She decides to stay in Sacramento and receive specialized training.

Chris refuses to accept Lucy’s reasons because he doesn’t want her to lose an opportunity due to him. After trying his best to change Lucy’s mind, he calls Bradford to speak to her. Bradford meets Lucy to remind her of the benefits she will get from the training and how it will help her in her career. Lucy begins to question her decision not to leave Sacramento, even though she is fully aware of this. Is this a sign that Lucy will leave Los Angeles? Is Melissa O’Neil going to leave the crime series? Let’s find the answer.

Melissa O’Neil leaving The Rookie

Melissa O’Neil and ABC have yet to announce Lucy’s departure from “The Rookie.” The upcoming episode could show Lucy’s time at school if Lucy accepts the chance. This particular narrative development is not a reason why the actress may have left the show.

A promotional photo of the third episode, season 5, was released by ABC. It shows Lucy in her apartment, with alphabet balloons reading, “WELCOME HOME LICY.” As the photo suggests, Lucy could have completed her training and returned from Sacramento to Los Angeles. We believe Melissa O’Neil will most likely continue to appear in “The Rookie” due to all these possibilities and other factors.

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It is unlikely that Melissa will suddenly leave the show, as Lucy’s story is moving forward faster than ever. The significance and importance of the former character in the show’s progress are obvious as Lucy and Bradford deal with their feelings. We can expect Lucy to join Bradford for additional missions in the next episodes, giving them plenty of time to work through their feelings.

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