Is Mekia Cox’s Nyla Harper Leaving The Rookie?

The fourth season of ABC’s procedural show’ the Rookie sees Nyla Harper get pregnant and begin to plan for the baby. Harper is relieved of her duties to give birth in the second episode. Harper and James choose to have their baby at home instead of going to the hospital.

Harper faces many life-threatening challenges while waiting for her baby’s arrival, but she eventually welcomes her child. Wade Grey asks Harper to allow her to be free from her duties of caring for the newborn. The viewers are probably worried that Harper is not performing her duties and may be allowing Mekia Cox to escape the show. Let’s see! SPOILERS Ahead.

What happened to Nyla Harper?

Harper asks for leave from the department as she prepares to deliver her baby at her home. She decides not to give birth in a hospital when her due date is closer. Harper is ready to deliver her baby in the second episode. However, her attention wanders to two suspicious neighbors. Harper monitors them both and eventually realizes they are trying to dispose of a corpse. She seeks out the help of her colleagues, and Harper’s neighbors enter Harper’s home to attack her, James, and her.

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Harper fights a neighbor bravely, even though she is having contractions. She manages to save her baby and herself from the murderer even though her water breaks. Wade arrives at her home, and she gives birth to a girl. Wade is informed by her that she has taken enough leave to care for herself and the baby. Does this mean Harper won’t be part of the season 5 episodes? Are Mekia and Cox leaving the crime series? Let’s see.

Mekia Cox is leaving The Rookie.

Mekia and ABC have not released statements regarding the actress’ departure from “The Rookie,” which suggests that we don’t need to be concerned about her commitment to the series. Harper’s story of Harper’s pregnancy was created parallel to Cox’s real-life pregnancy, which resulted in the birth of a girl in May 2022. Cox likely will continue to be a part of the show’s cast, despite the fact that Cox has not officially announced any maternity leave and that she didn’t go into detail about the delivery.

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Harper requests Wade to take leave. However, Cox is seen in two promotional photos for the fifth season’s third episode. The upcoming episode could start with a short time jump, and Harper might have already returned to work. We may see her attempt to balance work and family life in the fifth season’s episodes. Thanks to Wade’s support and James’ at-home support, we may see her successfully deal with the challenges of caring for a baby.

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