Is Medieval on Disney+, Netflix, HBO Max, Hulu, or Prime?

Petr Jakl co-wrote and directed ‘Medieval,’ a Czech historical movie. The true story about Jan Zizka loosely inspires it. A Bohemian military commander, Zizka is one of the most celebrated warriors in the history of Bohemia. He defeats the Teutonic Order and Holy Roman Empire armies.

This period film stars a stellar cast, including Ben Foster, Michael Caine, and Til Schweiger. You must be interested in learning more about “Medieval” and where to watch it if you are a fan of historical war movies. We have you covered.

What’s Medieval All About?

The story occurred in the 15th century when the Holy Roman Empire’s reigning emperor was killed. Things become chaotic as feuding brothers King Wenceslas from Czech and King Sigismund (Hungary) vie for the vacant throne. Lord Boresh hires Jan Zizka as a slave to Lady Katherine, Lord Rosenberg’s fiancee, to prevent him from ascending to power with corrupt King Sigismund. Jan falls in love with Katherine soon. He fights corruption and greed to free Katherine. After you have seen the film, here are some ways to watch it.

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Is Medieval available on Netflix?

Netflix does not have ‘Medieval” on its vast platform. You can use your Netflix subscription to access other streaming options, including outlaw King and the King.

Is Medieval available on Hulu

Hulu subscribers will have to search for “Medieval” on other platforms, as the historical film isn’t available on the streamer. Hulu has some great alternatives, such as Robert The Bruce or centurion.

Amazon Prime: Is Medieval available?

No, ‘Medieval” is not part of Amazon Prime Video’s huge catalog. You can also watch similar movies on Amazon Prime Video. We recommend that you see gladiator.

Is Medieval available on HBO Max?

HBO Max subscribers will be disappointed that ‘Medieval” is not part of the extensive library of HBO Max content. There are other options available on the streamer. You might enjoy viewing the Last Duel and Dragon Blade.

Is Disney+ Medieval?

We are sorry to inform you that Disney+ does not have ‘Medieval” on its platform. You can still check out similar movies on the streamer, like Squanto: A Warrior’s Tale or Mulan.

Watch Medieval Online.

“Medieval” has been exclusively released in theatres. This means that you cannot stream or purchase the movie online. You can view Jan Zizka’s action on the big screen by checking out the show times and booking tickets via the movie’s official website or Fandango.

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How to stream Medieval for Free

As we mentioned, “Medieval” is unavailable to stream on any digital platform. This means that you cannot stream the film free of charge. You can only keep your fingers crossed that the film arrives on one of the many online streaming services that offer a free trial. We urge readers to pay for the content they want to consume rather than using illegal means.

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