Is Maya Hawke Dating? Who is her boyfriend?

Famous for her portrayal of Robin Buckley in ‘ Stranger Things,’ Maya Hawke is a household name in Hollywood. Born on July 8 1998, to the famous actresses Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman, Maya made her foray into the world of entertainment after being given the part in the role of Jo March in the 2017 miniseries Little Women.’ Since since then, Maya has passed one mark after another in her journey to success and has had a number of her most notable roles being Annie Brown in ‘ The Good Lord Bird’ and Heather Watkins in ‘ Fear Street Part One: 1994.’

Although she recently appeared in the role of Eleanor on the Netflix film ‘ Do Revenge,’ Maya has also dipped her toes into the world of music and has a number of singles and two albums. With a career that is so successful at this young age, and with a number of coming movies and shows that are in pre- or post-production fans want to know more about her personal life. Let’s see what Maya Hawke is dating at the moment and if she is dating anyone else, shall we?

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Maya Hawke’s former relationships and Rumors

The relationship of Maya Hawke became the subject of attention in 2017, when she received questions about her relationship with a partner during an interview in The Sydney Morning Herald. In that interview, Maya mentioned that although she was in a relationship which lasts for about an entire an entire year, she was not married at the time of the interview , and was not planning on getting the love of her life. Fast forward to a few years later, and in the year 2019, Maya was rumored to be in a relationship in a relationship with Gus Wenner, the Rolling Stone CEO and President. The two eventually quit appearing on one another’s social media platforms, and chatter slowed down.

Then, news reports about Maya having a relationship with actor Tom Sturridge began doing the rounds in the middle of 2020. The two were often seen on the streets together. Tom was for his role as Lord Morpheus in the film ‘The Sandman’, was considerably older than Maya as well, and they never claimed or confirmed their relationship. They also stayed clear of discussing each other in interviews, though they often were seen together at occasions in and in New York.

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In the beginning of 2022 Tom as well as Maya stopped being seen together at events as rumors about their relationship allegedly died down. In addition, there have been speculations about the sexuality of the actor. Because Maya is a part of lesbian characters such as Robin Buckley in ‘Stranger Things as well as Eleanor Do Revenge in the show’ there was a lot of speculation about whether she was actually gay. We would like to make clear this fact: Maya Hawke is actually straight.

Maya Hawke’s Boyfriend

While Maya Hawke is yet to confirm her relationship with Spencer Barnett there are reports that suggest the actress from ‘Stranger Things’ is apparently dating musician Spencer Barnett. It is interesting to note that Spencer has the father of Roger Barnett, the CEO of Shaklee Corporation, and Sloan Barnett who held the post as district attorney for Manhattan. In addition, he’s an aspiring musician and after having been taught by Stephen Jenkins of Third Eye Blind, Spencer went on to release his debut track, “Whatever,” in 2017. It was a huge success and pushed Spencer to push himself even further.

In the year 2019, Spencer was successful in releasing his first EP. This was followed by his most recent track, “Dancing,” which was released in 2021. Incredibly, Spencer and Maya have not Spencer and Maya have denied or confirmed the reports about their love lives, though they have been seen at events together and even shared kisses. But, they are not on each on their social media profiles and the relationship has not yet officially established and rumors still circulating, it is best to take theories with a grain of salt.

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