Is Lil Dead or Alive in Ludik?

Netflix’s crime-thriller “Ludik” revolves around the life of Daan Ludik Ludik, the well-known proprietor of Ludik Furniture and Carpets. Daan utilizes Ludik Furniture and Carpets as his cover to get diamonds outside of South Africa.

Lilith, AKA Lil Daan’s trusted Ally, aids him in transferring the diamond clients like Farhad. When Brigadier Davies begins to unravel the truth behind Daan’s diamonds, Daan tries to trace it back to Arend Brown, a gun trafficker.

Arend, angry by the loss caused by Daan, is furious and makes a visit to Lil to discover the client’s name and threatens to kill her if she refuses to disclose the same. When Daan attempts to talk for her help, he is to find out through her son Danso that she has been dead. So what is the truth? Is Lil dead? How does she fare offscreen? Let us know the details! 

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Note: There are SPOILERS AHEAD.

Is Lil Dead or Alive?

Since Daan agrees with Arend to get guns into the country, Lil begins to be concerned. His diamond business is affected, making Daan’s customer Farhad uneasy about him. If Farhad’s right-hand person is threatening Lil concerning the missing diamonds and she is forced to realize that it’s time to break off from Daan to ensure the safety of her and her son’s lives. After receiving Daan’s diamonds from officer Moyo, Arend arrives at Lil’s store to learn about their client of Daan and is likely to join forces with her “furniture guy.” Because she’s committed to Daan but isn’t willing to reveal the information he’s seeking.

The next morning, Daan Calls Lil just to wait for Danso to take the phone, informing him she has been murdered. If Lil did not reveal the name of Farhad, despite Arend’s persistent efforts and pressure, he could have killed his victim. As his empire is slipping in the wake of Daan’s intrusion, Arend may have put an end to Daan’s trusty Ally.

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However, Lil’s story is more complex than it appears. There is a chance that she’s faking her own death to find ways to escape Daan’s dangerous plots and actions. There is a chance that she is alive or dead. And the “florist” has instructed Danso to inform Daan that she is dead.

Based on the conversation between Arend and Lil, it’s clear they have a connection. He also reminds her that they are close. Although he threatens to harm her, he does not indicate wanting to murder her. Even if Lil insists that she will not disclose the client’s name, the situation isn’t sufficient to warrant Arend to murder her immediately.

The fact that Farhad’s name is known does not change the course of events for Arend or compensate him for his losses. For a man willing to offer Bells another chance to be part of his team regardless of his betrayal to Bells, It is highly likely to believe that Arend was responsible for the murder of Lil simply because she refused to reveal Daan’s identity.

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If Arend isn’t dead, someone else is likely responsible. There is a chance that their right-hand man, Farhad, is responsible for her death, but he has no motive to kill her without meeting Daan first. If Daan kills him, Farhad is likely responsible for killing Lil. With these facts and the possible scenarios, Lil can be alive, looking for an escape route from the problems Daan has caused. If she’s alive, she could have used Arend’s appearance as a wake-up call and determined that she must leave Daan’s kingdom to protect herself from his enemies.

Because Lil is very committed to Daan, She must be having difficulty convincing him that she would like to end their relationship. She may think the story of her death will make it easier for Daan and his adversaries to stay away from her. If this is the case, Lil must have flown away to a different city or another country to safeguard Danso.

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