Is Lifetime’s The Bad Seed Returns Based on a True Story?

A sequel to The Bad Seed,’ Lifetime’s “The Bad Seed Returns’ is a horror-thriller film directed by Louise Archambault. The story is set a few years after the passing of Emma’s father, David Grossman. The narrative follows the 15-year-old Emma, who is placed in the care of her maternal aunt Angela.

While she appears like an ordinary teenage girl in high school, her spouse, Robert, sees through the innocence and believes that she may not be who they believe she is. In addition, a new student at the school, Kat, is believed to be aware of Emma’s secrets and force Emma to revert to the way she was in life and eliminate her foes by hook or crook.

The Lifetime film is a masterpiece with an outstanding performance by McKenna Grace, Michelle Morgan, Benjamin Ayers, Ella Dixon, and Patty McCormack. The riveting story explores various fascinating and real-life topics, such as the double-faced nature of people that keeps viewers interested and wondering if the tale is connected to the reality of life. Additionally, including various locations as backdrops for certain scenes of awe will leave you wondering about the actual filming locations. We will provide all the required details to make your mind feel at ease!

Is The Bad Seed Returns a True Story?

The Bad Seed Returns’ isn’t an adaptation of a real story. The movie is adapted from William March’s novel “The Bad Seed. The novel’s improvised narrative and character development could be attributed to the superb writing talents and innovative brains of Ross Burge, McKenna Grace, and Barabara Marshall. With the expertise and knowledge of the three writers across different fields and genres, they were able to write a thrilling screenplay based on the characters from the original film.

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While the tale is largely fiction, you’d be surprised to learn that minors have committed criminal acts in the real world. For example, an 11-year-old girl named Mary Bell allegedly lured two children into the woods and killed them by strangling them. Mary’s family member and an accomplice reported her crimes to the police, and Mary was found guilty of manslaughter in the year 1968. Another case of a murderous child is the case of Jordan Brown, who allegedly murdered his soon-to-be stepmother in her sleep in the year 2009. And to make matters worse, it was also believed that she was pregnant at the time. Jordan was in prison for a year and sentenced as a minor, but he was released in the year 2016 when he was 18 years old.

Furthermore, another reason you may wonder whether it is true that the Lifetime film is based on reality or not is that it isn’t the first film that features a murderous child. There have been a lot of films and television shows which have addressed similar themes and themes, including The Evil Seed Resurfaces. One of the most relevant examples is ‘The orphan. The character Esther in the film has many similarities to the character of Emma in the film, such as their criminal and deceitful natures and those dark pasts they have. Even though there were real and horrifying cases that have occurred in real life, that doesn’t change how this suspense film is an original work of fiction.

The Bad Seed Returns Filming Locations

“The Bad Seed Returns” was shot entirely in the province of British Columbia, specifically in Vancouver. The main shooting for the Lifetime thriller began in November 2021 and was completed within a month or so, around December of that year. Without further delay, we’ll explore the exact locations in the film!

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Vancouver, British Columbia

The pivotal scenes for The Bad Seed Returns were shot within and around Vancouver, a major city in western Canada. According to the reports, the crew traveled throughout the City to film various scenes with appropriate backdrops. It is situated within The Lower Mainland region of British Columbia. Vancouver is not just the biggest municipality in Canada. It’s also among the most diverse in terms of ethics and languages cities in Canada.

Also known under the name Hollywood North, Vancouver is frequented by various filmmakers who film there. Through the years, the City has hosted various kinds of television and film production. Besides ‘The Good Seed Returns,’ Vancouver has featured in ‘ Thor: Love and Thunder, ” Look Both Ways,” Happy Gilmore,’ The Legion,’ and ‘ Supergirl.’

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