Is Lifetime’s Girl in Room 13 Based on a True Story? Where Was it Filmed? Who is in the Cast?

Produced by Elisabeth Rohm, Lifetime’s ‘Girl in Room 13″ is an action thriller drama that centers around a woman called Grace. As a young woman, Grace suffered a sports injury that required her doctor to prescribe opioids. As time passed, and with the passage of time, Grace became addicted to these drugs. After being in the rehab center three times, Grace is determined to change her life. With the help of her mother, Janie, Grace starts working at the restaurant run by her family. After a meeting with her former lover and drug dealers Richie, Grace finds herself stuck in a hotel room.

In prison, She is frequently nagged or starved and brutally assaulted sexually by Richie to make her lose her sanity and convince her to allow her to be sold to traffickers who sell human beings. In the meantime, Janie is adamant about discovering where her daughter is before it’s too late. The strong casting and stunning visuals allow us to present a flawless version of a tense tale. Several viewers have expressed fascination with the story’s roots and whether it was an inspiration from the real world. We’re here for you if you want to learn more about that!

Is Girl in Room 13 a True Story?

“Girl in Room 13 The film is inspired by a true story. A part of Lifetime’s “Ripped from the headlines, the script has been created by Maria Nation, who has also written ‘ One Summer and Christmas Everlasting. The gifted Elisabeth Rohm took up the director’s job for the film and directed “To Catch a Seed” and ‘ Girls in the Basement. The story is, in essence, created by the film’s creators. The brains that came up with the idea were influenced by real-life incidents involving trafficking in human beings and drugs.

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The number of complaints relating to human trafficking cases has been rising for quite a while. “Human trafficking is a $150 billion a year global industry and can’t be fully addressed without businesses taking active and effective measures to reduce the potential for exploitation within their own systems,” Bradley Myles, Chief Executive Officer of Polaris, the non-profit organization that runs the hotline to stop human trafficking across the United States, told Forbes.

Although a variety of governmental and non-governmental organizations try to tackle the problem of trafficking and decrease those who suffer, the diligence of the average individual is crucial. In the film, traffickers frequently inject their victims and place them in hotels until they can move them to their next location. Hotel employees and managers have been advised over the years to look for dangers, including long-term clients who have a small amount of possession or making reservations using a business credit card account but then paying cash. Paying attention to these indicators could help anyone who is in need.

One should also be aware that a significant portion of victims of human trafficking are women. As per the report released by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, “The most frequent kind of human trafficking (79 percent) is sexual exploitative. Sexual exploitation victims tend to be females and girls. Surprisingly enough, in 30% of countries that provide information about sexual exploitation, females comprise the majority of traffickers. In certain parts of the globe, are the most frequent victims of trafficking.” With such horrifying numbers, it’s evident why the film “Lifetime” tells a story about women as victims.

While ‘Girl In Room 13 isn’t an actual story, the character Grace represents the struggle, determination, and hope of many known and unnamed victims of an incredibly horrific crime. The film delves into how drug addicts or those with histories of drug involvement are frequently ignored by law enforcement officials, making them easy targets to human traffickers. The film also explores other authentic aspects of the crime, which makes it a true representation of the real-life consequences of human trafficking.

Girl in Room 13 Filming Locations

The production of ‘Girl in Room 13 The film was shot primarily in Vancouver, British Columbia. The main photography for the film began on May 16, 2022, and concluded at the beginning of the month of June. Let’s look at the filming location of the film in greater detail.

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Vancouver, Canada

The Lifetime movie ‘Girl in Room 13’ was shot within the town of Vancouver in British Columbia. The Canadian province is known as British Columbia. The film takes advantage of the numerous backdrops and locations within and within the city area to shoot the scenes in the required way. From filming scenes at the professional pool to the setting up of camps in the residential areas of Vancouver, The filmmakers did their best to make the most of all the amenities and settings available for filming.

Also called also known as Hollywood of the North, Vancouver has been a long-time popular choice for filmmakers and producers for filmmaking reasons. Vancouver is not just home to famous film studios with state-of-the-art equipment and facilities. Still, it’s also located in an identical timezone to Los Angeles, California, which makes it easier to move and connectivity among the cities when necessary. Vancouver also has a slender skyline, so filmmakers frequently use Vancouver to replace the location where the film takes place. Through the years, Vancouver has been home to producing numerous Lifetime films, including ‘ Dying for a Family and ‘ Big Lies in the City of a Small Town.’

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