Is Lifetime’s Dating Hell Based on a True Story | Where Was it Filmed?

Directed by Aleshia Cowser-Jackson, Lifetime’s “Dating Hell” is a murder thriller centered around a single mom named Hannah. Through dating apps, Hannah meets Daniel, whom she regards as a great man. But the situation is tragic when her babysitter gets killed, and Hannah’s existence is in danger while working.

The loss of her beloved acquaintance and neighbor Charlotte Hannah makes Hannah suspicious of Daniel Hannah distances herself from Daniel. But do you think he is the one who is responsible for all the tragedy? The film’s thrilling plot has people have praised the talented performers and the stunning cinematography. Many people have wondered what might have the filmmakers create this kind of storyline. Do actual incidents influence the films? Here’s what we know about it and much more.

Is Dating Hell a True Story?

“Dating Hell” does not come from any real story. The script was written by Tiayoka McMillan, famous for her work on the Christmas Dilemma and ‘Flip the script. Aleshia Cowser Jackson developed Tiayoka’s imaginative ideas. His previous credits include ‘Bricked’ and the film ‘Rich Brothers. While the Lifetime film is fiction, some elements have a lot in common with things commonplace in the real world, and we’re here to investigate the similarities.

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In the film, the female lead character is a single mom, which has become the norm in movies. Although the presence of a romantic angle varies in the film, the image of a loving mother is well-liked by people watching and is often reflected in films such as ‘ Big Lies in the Town of a Small Town’ and ‘ Ice Road, Killer. Another element the majority of viewers comprehend is Hannah’s suspicions of her boyfriend, Daniel. When they are in danger, individuals, particularly women, are more cautious of people who are strangers to them or who are new. It’s also common to believe that a man’s actions could be by a certain type of love he has towards his new love because it’s not uncommon in the real world.

If one can read the pages of the movie ‘Dating Hell, one can see the traces of reality in the motivations and actions of the actors. Although a viewer might not agree with them all, being able to say that they can comprehend the entire story is a tribute to the efforts of those who wrote the story. Despite the plot’s enthralling and tragic character, the characters can instill empathy in viewers for their actions.

Dating Hell Filming Locations

Lifetime’s “Dating Hell” was shot in Georgia; It was reported to have been shot in Atlanta. The film was made under the cinematography of Aarron Tyson, who served as director of photography. Let’s get right into it and learn more about the location of filming the Aleshia Cowser-Jackson directorial.

Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta, the capital city of Georgia, is the most likely place to film “Dating Hell. ” Also known by the name of”the Hollywood of the South, Atlanta is a preferred location for filmmakers to sue to shoot their productions. The area around the city has various backdrops that can be used by the needs of the scene. For instance, the lensing of scenes that are located in suburban areas can be easily accomplished in cities such as Brookhaven and Atlanta. Atlanta.

It is a Georgian metropolis with a long-standing relationship in the entertainment world, making it an elite player in the industry. Atlanta has become the hub for professionals of color with the presence of Tyler Perry Studios and Areu Bros. Studios, which are respectively the first African-American-owned and first Latino-American-owned major studios. Actually, a lot of your most loved films have been shot within Atlanta, which is the Hollywood of the South, even though the scenes might be shot in a different locale. Some of the most adored films shot in Atlanta are ‘ Gone With the Wind’ and Captain America’s Civil War.’

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Dating Hell Cast

A talented Candice Marie Singleton is playing the part of Hannah in ‘Dating hell. The film’s other credits as an actor include ‘Hard Drive’ as well as “Switched at Love. The actor Rico Ball acts as Daniel in the Lifetime murder mystery. Rico Ball has also been involved in ‘Black Lightning”Stalker. Other roles are Walnette Marie Santiago in the role of Charlotte, Diana Lovell as Detective Jodi, Michael Anthony as Josh Josh, as well as Justice Freedom Jones as Maddie. The film also features Jay Jones as Officer Franco, Jennifer Renee as Kara, and Claire Dunn as Mckenzie.

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