Is Last Light Based on a True Story?

Dennie Gordon directs the show Peacock’s “Last Light, an action thriller television series. The story centers on Yeats’ relatives. Yeats family. Andy Yeats (Matthew Fox) is a famous Petro-chemist working for the world’s largest oil and energy company. In a bizarre twist, his daughter Laura (Alyth Ross) is an environmentalist.

On an urgent travel trip for business to the Middle East, Middle East, Andy discovers an elaborate plot to trigger an energy crisis in the world, which could be linked to his previous. His spouse, Elena (Joanne Froggatt), has arrived living in Paris with their young son Sam as riots broke out throughout Europe because of the crisis. In London, where the family is based, Laura suddenly discovers that she is being monitored. A catastrophe of immense scale is looming shortly, and all the members of the Yeats family put forth an attempt to get together.

“Last Light” is a series that explores the most dreadful problems facing our society today, such as the energy crisis, climate change, and volatile geopolitical circumstances. If you’ve been left to be curious about whether real-life circumstances inspired the show, we’ve got it covered.

Is Last Light a True Story?

The story ‘Last Light’ does not come from a real story. It’s actually a television version of Alex Scarrow’s namesake 2007 novel, which is the first of the duology of books. In the September 2022 interview on the show Coming Soon, Gordon stated she was attracted to the book due to its universal appeal.

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“I just thought it was so insightful,” Gordon declared. “When you see something that’s trending at the forefront of your mind, and you sense that this story must be told today at this moment, it got me thinking. It’s a subject that we all cared about, and we wanted quickly finish the story. It was a hit for me. It was thrilling, was a hearty show, and it was accompanied by the possibility of a lot of action, something I enjoy doing. For me, it was the opportunity to show-run the show and bring everyone together to perform it from top to bottom. This was thrilling. We were off to a great start! The moment Matthew Fox said, yes, we went on our way.”

Fox is perhaps most well-known for his portrayal of Jack Shephard on the ABC series ‘ Lost and returns to the screen with ‘Last light after a seven-year hiatus. The show also marks his first TV appearance in over 14 years. When asked in an interview in September 2022 in a conversation with CBR about the factors that triggered his attention to ‘Last Light as well as Andy Yeats, Fox echoed the director’s thoughts.

“I’m not sure it was Andy so much as it was just the whole story,” the actor from ‘Bone Tomahawk actor explained. “I found this story relevant, this idea of our dependence on fossil fuels and the challenges the world will face in the coming years, and I thought that this was relevant. I believe that the notion of families breaking in two… It is something that I believe it’s always an excellent source of dramatic and narrative storytelling.

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Therefore, I felt that we have a family at its heart that loves each other greatly but is broken by this tragedy and then the task to try and get it back together. This is why I was attracted to the larger macro-elements in the story more than just to Andy. He’s an unknown and was quite a test for me to play; however, I was attracted to the larger macro-elements to the tale.”

Fox added that he was thrilled about having the chance to be Executive Producer. The film clearly does not come from an actual story but rather an adaptation of the novel.

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