Is Kenny Crosby Dead | Did Kellan Lutz Leave FBI Most Wanted?

The character is portrayed in the film by Kellan Lutz. Kenny Crosby is one of the key characters from ‘FBI: Most Wanted. The character is one of the special agents belonging to the FBI’s Fugitive Task Force. Before joining the FBI, He was a member of the 12th in the Army. Kenny is the ideal person to be their right-hand man.

Jess is confident and assertive when needed. But, he has problems controlling his anger and can let his emotions take over his character. Suppose you’ve watched episode 3 of the series, which forms an episode of the crossover between “FBI” and “FBI: International,’ which has led you to think about the character’s fate and his future on the show. In that case, this is the information you must be aware of. Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Is Kenny Crosby Dead?

The truth is that Kenny Crosby isn’t dead. The crossover was the fourth season premiere of the show ‘FBI’ and the season premiere of “FBI: international,’ Crosby works alongside Special Agent Maggie Bell (Missy Peregrym). They learn that the suspect in their murder, Curt Williams, is a US Army veteran like Crosby and has previously served with Crosby. Williams eventually shot Crosby. However, if the latter survives the shooting, doctors inform him that his healing process is long. Therefore, Crosby moves to Oklahoma to be with his parents.

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Lutz left the show in order due to personal issues and shared his story via social media. In regards to the character, the show’s Showrunner, as well as executive producer David Hudgins, said in a September 2021 interview on the show’s Give Me My Radio, “The team misses Crosby and, yes, they’ll receive updates about his health as the season gets underway. They’ll adjust and grow to change as Kristin Gaines is a bigger team component.”

Do you know why Kellan Lutz Leave FBI: Most Wanted?

The decision of Lutz to leave “FBI The Most Wanted show ” because of several family tragedies. “Crosby will not be hunting down anyone who is a threat for a while,” Lutz wrote on social media. “2020 was a difficult year for everyone, to be honest. My personal experience began with the loss of the first of my daughters, then close to my wife, and then both grandfathers and other family members, all happened amid a global pandemic. In the other part of the country, my friends, family, and the entire network of friends and family.

The actor from ‘Twilight’ added, “If 2020 taught me something, it’s that the importance of family. After much contemplation and prayer, I made the difficult decision of moving my family of growing numbers back to California so that our daughter could be raised with her aunts, grandparents, uncles, and cousins. They’re only an hour’s trip away.”

Hudgins stated to Give Me My Remote that Hudgins understood the reasoning for Lutz’s decision, and he agreed with the decision. “Kellan [Lutz] was an integral part of the show since the beginning, and I appreciate his decision to place his family’s needs first. There is a good chance that he will return to one or two episodes later on should is something he’s ready for.”

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There is a possibility for Lutz to come back shortly. In the meantime, he’s engaged in numerous projects, including the live-action and adult-animation mixed media series, ‘The Guardians of Justice (Will Save You! ).’ Lutz is set to be a part of the upcoming films “What Remains as a ‘Remains,” Come out fighting,’ Palido and ‘On Smoother Dirt,’ and “All In.’

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